Thursday, June 25, 2015


We have talked for the past eighteen months, every single Thursday, about what it takes to not only write a novel, but be a novel writer. My first editor said he was very happy with my second novel and that, “made me a writer, not just a guy who wrote a book.” I always remembered that.

I think now I can consider myself a blogger and not just a guy who wrote a blog. I wouldn't write consistently for any other blog because I did this one for all the right reasons. I did it because Patty, Jackie and Paul are my friends. They talked me into it. Specifically Patty did. And I'm glad that she did. It helped me organize my thoughts on writing and gave me something I could refer students to when I teach writing classes.

I have enjoyed reading about Patty's life and her search for a new agent and about Jackie's travels and the release of the latest Maisie Dobbs novel, A Dangerous Place: A Maisie Dobbs Novel. And Paul's current release of Bum Rap, which is already in the top five of the Amazon ranks and will be officially released July 1. I suspect it is going to be a monster hit.

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I also took on the blog because I like to stay busy. The last two months have been more than I could ever ask for as far as being busy. It has been absolutely crazy. Among other things, I decided to enter a retirement program with my day job which doesn't really change much except now I'm on a countdown to walking away. Otherwise, I don't know that I would just walk away.

It's a change and it's scary, but so is writing. As I said before, I do consider writing and publishing as two separate endeavors. Writing may be scary, but publishing is just terrifying. There is no consistency or reliability. I view every novel that comes out as my last novel. That way if I get another contract it's all gravy. I usually feel pretty confident in that approach. Now I have the same view of my police job. Anything from here on out is all gravy.

As I sit in this odd state of transition, I realize the best part of it is that I am busier than ever with several different (and unusual) projects in the works. Some of these are standard writing projects and some are wild swings at the fences type, all or nothing ventures. Those are easier to take when you have a career behind you and a comfortable life around you.

I'm going to take a break from the blog and thank you all for listening to me for the past year and a half. I'm sure I'll have other things to say, but for at least this summer, I'm going to focus on other things.

Have a great summer.

Your friend,

Jim B.


  1. As Brian Hyland would say:

    It's gonna be a cold lonely summer
    But I'll fill the emptiness
    I'll send you all my posts
    Everyday in an email
    Sealed with a fish

    Fish? No, wish. Wishing to see you back in September. Have a great summer, James O!

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  4. from Jacqueline: We're going to miss you, Jim. But drop by when you can, leave a comment or post a piece about your "transitions" perhaps - after all, this is the naked truth about literature and life - and life has a lot of material for literature. But you know all that. You're all good mates, you Naked Authors. We see each other every blue moon, but it's good to be connected, stringing our words together across the internet. Take care and enjoy yourself. xx