Thursday, April 02, 2015

Scent of Murder

James O. Born

Next week my newest novel, Scent of Murder will be released by Forge/MacMillan.  It's been a long time since I really promoted a release.  I was spoiled by working with Lou Dobbs on my last book because he did all the promotional work from his TV show.  It was great.

I like talking to people and doing book signings, but sometimes all of the other stuff can become overwhelming.  (Ask Jackie and her current tour for the fabulous A Dangerous Place: A Maisie Dobbs Novel )
In the end it's all worthwhile.  I'm proud of the book and happy it's coming out.  That's really the bottom line.  And I'm lucky to have this blog and all my friends who write for it and read it for support.

If you get a chance to share any of these photos or the cover, I would appreciate it.  That's how the word gets out.  I've heard several authors say you win over readers one at a time.  In order for readers to become aware of you they need to see something about your books that interests them.  Maybe it's the subject matter, maybe the author bio or maybe something odd like the research you put into it.

I said before on this blog that I've talked to a lot of dog handlers to understand exactly what goes into a police K-9 unit.  I've gathered enough information for a dozen books if everything works out right.  I've also changed the tone from my earlier novels to focus more on the dogs themselves rather than just the police work.  I'm hoping the book appeals to both dog people and people interested in the intricacies of law enforcement investigations.

The next month promises to be filled with a lot of interesting events.  Aside from the book signings I will be at the University of Central Florida book Festival on April 17 and 18 And the South Carolina book Festival in mid-May.  Both of those stops include teaching a work shop on how to write a novel.  And I will referred to my blogs over the past year quite a bit during the class.

The Palm Beach Historical Society is hosting me on April 15 in the historical old courthouse where my father sat as a circuit judge for many years.  I'm speaking at the popular Writers Live program hosted by the Palm Beach County library system on April 22 at the West Boynton branch.

I will be traveling to New York and several other stops around the country, but the bulk of my energy will be in my home state of Florida.

Just using the blog as a chance to talk about my new novel and show off a few photographs from my research.  My thanks to the Jupiter Police Department for informing me with K-9 "Jimi" and my friends Tony Martindale and Frank Finelli for filming it.


  1. Allan Howell4/02/2015 10:34 AM

    Good cover and interesting subject

  2. Excited! Off to spread the word. Woof

  3. from Jacqueline: Can't wait for this book, Jim (for all the reasons noted in my post last week). Yes, the tours can be very demanding - we all love meeting readers, but the flip side is the exhausting nature of travel and being on and off planes every day. My book tours typically run 4-5 weeks, of which 4 are pretty intense. In 12 years of touring, due to the fact that I wash my hands all the time and take Airborne to keep the immune system boosted, I have never been sick - until now. All my events plus my visit to England this week have been canceled - as my doctor said, "The only place you're traveling this week is back here to see me!" Turns out I have severe bronchitis. And as the doctor said, "The flying did you in." But as I always remind myself - this is my dream come true, and as much as I hate the fact that the travel wasn't so great this year - meeting the readers was as good as ever. Even the person who said, "I was really sick, but I just had to come out to see you!!!" Best of luck with your book and the travels, Jim - and remember, wash your hands, bring hand sanitizer and take Airborne or your favorite immune-system boosting tipple.

    1. Jackie, since I read Christie's Mirror Cracked, I never attend events when I am sick. I missed your event at book passage becayxx because I was sick and I did not want to give what I had to other people and to you. I also missed other events too in March . The flu vaccine warning was that it was not going to be as effective this year.

      Hope James Born stays in good health and I look forward to reading scent of murder.

  4. james o. born4/02/2015 6:15 PM

    Jackie, I hope you feel better. You got me started on airborne. I'll take on Tuesday before my flight.
    Thanks for the kind words.

  5. Look forward to reading Scent of Murder