Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Shape of Things to Come

James O. Born

I have big plans for writing blogs in the coming weeks.  We are going to start looking at genres individually with blogs written by writers in each area.  But as many of you know I have a new book about to be released.  It has taken a lot of my focus in the next few blogs are going to be specifically about Scent of Murder.

It may look like I took a shortcut today by just having old photographs, but in point of fact, it takes as much time to upload photographs as it does to write a blog.  It just struck me that I see people using throwback Thursdays to post old photographs and I decided to do the same.  The one I really wanted the post was of Patty, Paul and me in Los Angeles about eight years ago.  It was actually in Publishers Weekly the following week.  If either Paul or Patty has the photo I hope they post it.

I will start my book tour April 7 in New York with an appearance on the Lou Dobbs show.  After that I had the usual stops across Florida as well as a couple of book festivals.  In fact, I am teaching a class on how to write a novel at both the University of Central Florida book Festival and the South Carolina book Festival.

This was an absolute random sample of photographs.  Some are from book festivals, summer from writing conferences and some are just photos of me with my friends in the writing world.

Please don't forget that the book below goes on sale April 7 and is available on Amazon for pre-order now.  I'll even make it easy for you.  Just Click Here

In no particular order some of my favorite photographs:

 Barry Eisler , Me and Joe Konrath

 Me, Karen Olson, Some English guy, Lori Armstrong and Jeff Shelby

Me and James Lee Burke

 Me between Pamala and Alifair Burke

 Eldon Thompson, Mario Acevedo, Me and Joe Finder

 Mario thinking about the blog he wrote for us

 Me, Reed Coleman, Ken Bruen and CJ Box

 Me, my daughter Emily and James Patterson

 Me and Tess Gerritsen at NASA

 Me and the uncomfortablke in water Reed Coleman

The incomparable Joseph Wambaugh


  1. I love TBT photos. Tragically, I can't find the photo of us three. My computer imploded a few years ago and I fear I lost stuff.

    Wishing you much success with SOM. So looking forward to reading it. Woof.

  2. James O. Born3/26/2015 1:08 PM

    I have a lot of photos and wanted to show the fun we generally have. Getting a book ready for release is a drag but the rest is a blast.


  3. from Jacqueline: You writer groupie you!!! Seriously, I never think of getting photos of me with my favorite authors - I think I am still too shy to ask. A lovely post of pics, Jim!