Friday, June 27, 2014

Life ... as we know it.

from Jacqueline

Sorry dear followers, today there will be no stories. There will be no witty repartee (well, almost witty).  No opinions and no responses to world events.  Today this is my life:

I am on a deadline that's approaching way too fast, coming at me like a freight train, and so I am hitting the keys as if my life depends upon it.

All Jim's wonderful lessons and arrow-sharp advice (which every writer should read - and Patty's too!) have been mercilessly cast aside as I race on towards Gatsby's green light, borne back into the past and wondering why I chose a specific period in history that even highly revered academic experts struggle with as a backdrop for a story.  Tell me that, oh guiding light in the universe - where were you when I was thinking up this tale????

In addition to the above, my dog has a swollen eye and bump on her head. Yes, here we go again - off to the vet. No pics here - she doesn't like her bad side photographed.  I said to my husband, "Let's not speculate," when it was first discovered, yesterday evening.  "You're right," he said - and anyway, I don't think cancers grow like that bump."  "I thought I said no speculating," I snapped.  "Anyway," I added, "you do realize a foxtail can slither right up into the nose or through the ear and get in behind the eye."  "You were the one who said ...." his voice wobbled.  "We're not veterinarians," I astutely observed.  "So, let's leave it to the experts ...."

Finally (is this finally?), I begin a month-long book tour on Monday, so the prepping and packing has begun. First stop, Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale, AZ on Monday, then Murder By The Book in Houston TX on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, Book Passage in Corte Madera, CA.  There'll be brief travel hiatus (writing!!!), over the July 4th holiday (my first as a Yank!), then on to Washington DC on Sunday - and that's for starters.  For more info, interested parties can go to:

So, now back to work.

Have a great weekend!!


  1. James O. Born6/27/2014 10:01 AM

    If only people listened to me all the time. I think the world would be a better place.

  2. from Jacqueline: Ok, I'll listen, I'll listen ... And if anyone should be listened to, it's you, Jim - especially on the subject of writing. Your book, when it's published, will give Stephen King a run for his money!
    And never mind the run, I'll take his money!

  3. Gak! I'm getting deadline flashbacks. Our J, you said there would be no story today but there is and it's a lovely one. I plan to be at Vroman's on Monday, July 14th. Bon Book Voyage.

  4. from Jacqueline: Wonderful! - I get to see you!! I'll look out for you at Vromans!

  5. Wow! Hope the vet visit went well today. Pleasantly surprised to see your new Stand Alone book at my local bookseller today (Friday June 27). I plan to be at Mrs. Dalloway's at the end of July.

    I agree with Patty that it's a lovely story. The photos were great, I thought.

    Safe travels,

  6. from Jacqueline: That's interesting - the new novel shouldn't be sold until Tuesday!! Oh well, not to worry - at least it's out there. The dog has an abscess on her head which has to be "opened up" (as they so delicately put it) tomorrow - oh dear, poor love that she is. See you at Mrs. Dalloways!

  7. go, jackie, go!!!!!!!
    and good luck with your dog, your book, your tour, and the universe...... oh yes, and stay away from freight trains!

    1. from Jacqueline: Well, the reply function is messing with me today. Lovely to hear from you, Sybille - I'll do my best to keep away from freight trains, but this one is a-looming!

  8. When a beginning author asked the late Charles Willeford for his advice about going on book tour, Charlie said, "Whenever you have a chance, take a piss."
    Good luck, Paul

    1. from Jacqueline: I'll say!!!