Tuesday, February 18, 2014

PSU vs. FSU; Aging; True Detective

From the messy desk of Paul Levine...

Penn State Picks Florida State's Pocket

Penn State, my alma mater, steals Florida State president Eric Barron and will pay him $1.2 million per year, more than double his current salary.  What!  Is he a football coach?  Is he bringing Jameis Winston along?

Actually, Barron is a great choice.  A former Dean of Penn State's renowned College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, he's a world-class climatologist and distinguished educator and administrator.  (He also better be a good fund raiser, in today's climate, and I don't mean global warming).

So, sorry to Jim Born, noted FSU grad.  At least we didn't get Jimbo Fisher, too.

Nice story about Barron here.

Paul Levine Revelation on the Arithmetic of Aging

While swimming laps, this came to me. In my sixties, I have to work out twice as hard to stay in half the condition I maintained in my thirties. Jim Born, on the other hand, is still as youthful as in his rookie cop days.

True Detective: My Favorite TV Show

HBO's "True Detective," which is not about Jim Born, is my favorite show on television. Complex and layered, heavy on dialogue, seeded with literary clues, it's a humdinger, to use one of my father's expressions. To quote Andrew Romano from The Daily Beast:
"In my opinion, True Detective—the story of a pair of retired Louisiana cops and the sinister murder investigation that forever changed their lives—is not only one of the most riveting and provocative series I've seen in the last few years. It's one of the most riveting and provocative series I've ever seen. Period. The acting is brilliant. The plot is addictive. The allusions are rich. The philosophy is mind-bending."

We're now five episodes into the eight-episode season, and it turns out I've been clueless as to many of the clues being dispensed in this murder mystery/thriller. So, for other fans, I recommend, "The One Literary Reference You Must Know to Appreciate 'True Detective.'"

And..."The Crazy Mythology That Explains 'True Detective.'"

And...an illuminating interview with show creator, sole writer, and showrunner Nic Pizzolatto: "Inside the Obsessive Strange Mind of True Detective's Nic Pizzolatto."

Paul Levine


  1. What happened to Ray Donovan? I've heard so many positive critiques about True Detective but it's on a channel I don't get because I'm too lazy to order it.

    Sitting is the new smoking, so I just started doing yoga again. Groan.

  2. from Jacqueline: Next week I am venturing forth to Park City to ski for three days. Yesterday I took my skis in to be "tuned up." The form required me to enter my height, weight, skiing ability ... and age. I saw the guy look at the form, then look at me, and I just know he was thinking what I had just begun to think ... maybe you should stay at home, old girl. But I know women who fly down the slopes in their seventies, and the women I train alongside every day in the equestrian sport of dressage (no mean feat, I'll have you know), are all in their fifties and sixties. So, I say, keep the swimming and yoga and whatever else going, and we'll all look as fresh-faced and young as Our Jim!

  3. Patty, "Ray Donovan" filming in L.A. now for summer season 2.

  4. James O. Born2/22/2014 12:35 PM

    Paul, I've tried several times to post a comment. Did you lock me out on purpose. Damn, now I forgot what I said. It was witty. We'll miss Barron.

    I feel better today than in my thirties. Work out smarter. That photo was my twenties. I can't recall but think I felt even better then.