Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Literary Fiction, Lassiter, and Hugs for Sixty Bucks

From the messy desk of Paul Levine...

Allow Me To Clutter Your Mind with Another Useless Study

Researchers at the New School in New York have discovered that reading "literary fiction" improves readers' empathy for others.  Yeah?  Well, without doing any research, I have found that reading crime fiction improves your shooting, stabbing, and poisoning abilities.

The Not Entirely True Adventures of Jake Lassiter

As many of you know, Jake Lassiter was a Penn State linebacker who sat so far down the bench that his butt was in Altoona.  Well, I describe Jake's up-and-down career with the Nittany Lions and improbable time with the Miami Dolphins in this interview with Blue-White Illustrated.  So just does Jake Lassiter look like?

(This is NOT Jake Lassiter.  This is Poz.  Paul Posluszny, former Penn State linebacker now with the Jacksonville Jaguars).
(This also is NOT Jake Lassiter.  This is Gerald McRaney, who portrayed Lassiter -- over my objections -- in the NBC TV movie version of "To Speak for the Dead" which was re-titled "Lassiter: Justice on the Bayou."  Broadcast in 1995, it's now on DVD.  Don't buy it).

Are Men Snugglers? 

City officials in Madison, WI are all atwitter over a "hugging" business.  For 60 bucks customers -- presumably men -- at the "Snuggle House" can hug, cuddle and spoon with professional "snugglers."

The Associated Press reports the city is worried that the men will want more, if you catch my drift.  If you don't, here's what Assistant City Attorney Jennifer Zilavy said: "No offense to men, but I don't know any man who wants to just snuggle."

No offense taken, Jen, baby.

Paul Levine


  1. Gerald McRaney!!!!!????? Yeowza. Attitude-wise, I see Mathew McConaughey. Just watched him in The Lincoln Lawyer. Sort of Jakey-like.

  2. Paul here: I could live with M.M., Patty. (Did you see "Mud?" He was great.)

    1. Haven't seen "Mud" yet. I'm way behind on my movie-going. It's on my list, though.