Thursday, October 31, 2013

Plain Cloud

Plain Cloud

For Mac/iCloud users, one of the frustrations can be trying to find your work in the iCloud environment. I mean, it’s terrific to make files that can then be read or edited from several other devices (iPhones, iPads) or iMac or Macbook located far from home, but working with those files on your home/or/office machine can drive you nuts. You sign into iCloud, upload this, download that, search for this or that. Half the time things go wrong and the file ends up where it doesn’t belong.

For a couple years now I’ve been using the OS (note, not iOS) “app” (it’s in the Mac app store for desktops and laptops) called Plain Cloud.

The thing is “genius.” It opens a menu that lists all your Keynotes, Numbers, Pages, Goodreader, Notes… on and on. When clicked-through these headers become regular FINDER windows and operate just like FINDER because that’s what they are.

Plain Cloud brings iCloud to your desktop in a manageable and familiar way that makes working with all those iCloud documents a piece of cake instead a piece of sky.



  1. from Jacqueline

    Ridley, I have been plain terrified of using the Cloud. It seems so fragile an entity for saving files that might be confidential. But that's just me - a complete technophobe.

  2. Searched my iMac (Maverick operating system) and it didn't show. Any further instructions? Bill Solberg