Tuesday, August 06, 2013

What's Your Favorite College Campus?

Paul Levine, BOULDER CO

Do you have a favorite college campus?

I've seen a lot of handsome college campuses: Stanford, Duke, Pepperdine,
Notre Dame.  Most Florida schools.  Many, many more, including of course all those years it took me to graduate from Penn State.  (Now, I've never seen Ole Miss, which everyone raves about).

Anyway, I bicycled through the University of Colorado campus yesterday.  I have to rank the "Tuscan vernacular" style of arcitecture there among my favorite.  The setting ain't too shabby, either.

Class was not in session; hence the air was crisp and clear of all marijuana haze.  Marcia and I have rented a house along Boulder Creek and fall asleep to the sound of the rapids.     

We have taken Nordic pole walking lessons.
No, that is not us.

I will try to keep you apprised as our travels take us farther west.

Paul Levine



  1. Paul, where next? Sounds like too much fun.

    My favorite campuses are (1) University of Washington when the Japanese cherry trees are in bloom or in the fall when your boots crunch the fallen leaves...heaven. (2) Pepperdine University where I got my MBA and then worked for a while in the Career Development Center with an office that overlooked the Malibu coastline...also heaven.