Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Hold the Fried Catfish and Cheddar Grits!

From the messy desk of Paul Levine

I swim laps.

I work out in the gym.

I use Hydro-Tone resistance gear in the water.

And I churn away on an old elliptical machine once owned by a porn actress named Kobe Tai.  (But that is an L.A. story for another day).

Point is...in my declining years, I still work like a fiend to stay in shape and fit into jeans I wore when Jimmy Carter was President.  (Seems most of my wardrobe is vintage. Not out of design, just out of laziness and an unwillingness to shop except at that high-fashion site, L.L. Bean.)

But now I am out of shape.

My sweetheart Marcia, my mentally-challenged rescue dog Nikki, and I just returned from a month in the woods in North Carolina.  We hiked a bit, we biked a bit.  But we fell out of our rigorous exercise routine.  (Marcia prefers Pilates and weight training, Nikki prefers eating and pooping).

Now, let me admit I am not the world's most enthusiastic hiker.  If golf is a good walk spoiled, as Mark Twain allegedly said, then a hike is a good nap spoiled.

So our tromps through the woods along the Blue Ridge Parkway were neither too long nor too strenuous.  In other words, not enough exercise.  On the other hand, Asheville restaurants were filled with fried catfish over cheesy grits, fried green tomatoes layered with feta, pulled pork sliders, and bowls of melted pimiento cheese into which you are required by law to dip salty potato chips.

Back home (where it is so hot and humid, even the cockroaches are sweating), I have discovered while attempting to swim laps that I have extra ballast but a lesser engine.  So I am back on the elliptical today and soon hope to fit into my Jimmy Carter jeans again.  Wish me luck.

Finally, here's my Pulp Friction podcast with noted sportswriter-screenwriter John Schulian on the Authors on the Air site.  This Sunday night at 8 p.m. Eastern, my guest will be our very own Jackie Winspear!  More info later on my Facebook Page.

Paul Levine   


  1. Paulie, your vacay sounds really fun. Sometimes you just need to banish routine and eat, drink and be merry before returning to reality.

    Can't wait for a dose of Levine and Winspear banter.

  2. from Jacqueline

    Knee surgery did the extra ballast thing for me, then of course I lost the cardio I used to have, and then there was the cold, and the cough, and, well, heck, I'm doing my best ... but at least I don't have those tempting meals looking me in the eye when my defenses are down. Looking forward to Sunday, Our Paul. Should be a blast!

  3. Ah yes, Jackie. Had my own major knee surgery in 2006. Nine months of hell on physical conditioning. Now the other knee is flaring up, but damned if I'm going under the knife again.

  4. That's my favorite shop too - L.L. Bean. Dee