Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Writers & Significant Others Headed to "Left Coast Crime"

 Paul Levine...

It's 73 degrees today in Miami, which means, of course, I'm on the way to Colorado Springs, CO, where snow is expected over the weekend.  (I'm not a skier, so this is not enthralling news).

But the good news is LEFT COAST CRIME, a gathering of crime novelists and readers that is always stimulating, fun, and occasionally inebriating. Craig Johnson and Laura Lippman are guests of honor, and there'll be a cast of hundreds at the scenic Cheyenne Mountain Resort. (pictured)

I'll be doing panels on legal thrillers and Hollywood and the movies.  My mate, Marcia Silvers, will be on a panel about the trials and tribulations of living with a writer.  Yes, spouses and significant others of scribblers will air their grievances and dirty laundry.  May be the best session of the weekend.

I'll report back next week.



  1. Colorado is not the left coast. That runs from San Diego to Ukiah. Colorado is red-neck Rocky Mountain high. If the born-agains get you down, start drinking in Boulder. Now there's a real pocket of insanity.
    - this travel moment by J.K. The Goat-Ripper Case. Due soon!

  2. One of these years I will make it to Left Coast Crime but sadly not this year. Have fun!

  3. J.K., I'm spending August in Boulder. Not only can you drink, but smoking a certain substance is legal, too.

  4. I won't be there, either. I expect a full report--and pictures.

  5. from Jacqueline

    Sadly, the knee job stopped me going to LCC. I am trying not to get pouty. Have a great time, Our Paulie.

  6. Looking forward to your report!

    Jacqueline, I hope your knee is healed soon.