Monday, March 04, 2013

Paul Levine...


In the three years we’ve been away, much has happened, some of it true.

1.  I won the Nobel Prize for Literature.  (Not true).

2.  My books have been translated into Bulgarian.  (True, but I would trade that for number one).

3   Under cover of darkness, I moved from the City of Angles back to Miami, a place I like because it’s so darn close to the United States of America.

4.  I like to walk on Ocean Drive (South Beach) during a storm.
5.  Over the weekend, my first novel, TO SPEAK FOR THE DEAD was the number one bestseller on Amazon Kindle.  (Not True).

6.  TO SPEAK FOR THE DEAD was, however, the number one FREE DOWNLOAD with 44,000 given away Sunday.  It now costs $3.99, though it is worth every farthing.  (That’s “farthing,” Jim Born.  Not “farting.”)

 7.  I am trying to sell a three-story house built into a hillside in Studio City, CA, should you be interested.  Full disclosure: The neighborhood is overrun with coyotes, and I don't mean Hollywood agents.

8.  I am now living with a wonderful woman who is a criminal defense lawyer, which I point out because this blog’s demographics run the gamut from counterfeiters to con artists.  

9.  Since we last spoke, Borders has gone out of business and Barnes & Noble is on the ropes.  Gun sales, however, are booming.

10.  My legal laugher/thriller SOLOMON vs. LORD has been optioned for television.  But then, so have several hundred other books, scripts, and pitches.  I’ll let you know if anything good happens.

Paul Levine


  1. So great to have you back and blogging - still love your books, and now we get extra shots at your voice!

  2. I've sent your name and deets to the Nobel nominating committee, again. Joe's Stone Crabs says you can fill in as head honcho on the nights the real dude wants the evening off. The house in Cali will fall into a ravine so make sure your homeowner's insurance is paid up. And you're lucky to find that gorgeous woman. Welcome back to the city closest to the US of A.

  3. Oh, but we DO miss you here in L.A.!!!!

  4. from Jacqueline

    (Who is still unable to post a comment under anything but "unknown"). Paul, I've missed you! Just reading this brings back all the banter of Naked Authors, Yesteryear Edition - and you do deserve the Nobel Prize for wit, understated or otherwise. Congratulations on everything - especially the true stuff, and especially finding the love of your life. So wonderful ...

  5. From Cornelia (who also can't remember how to post a comment...)

    So psyched that things have gone so well for you, dear Paulie... especially that you're hanging out with such a gorgeous (and obviously brilliant AND with excellent taste) woman. YEA!!

  6. Welcome back! Looking forward to "reading you" here.

  7. But, but, DID win the Nobel Prize last year, didn't you? Could have sworn that was you!

    Welcome back, Our Paulie....And glad to see you doing so well, and being arm candy to a gorgeous, intelligent blonde... :-D