Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Sleuthfest 2010

James O. Born

Next month the Florida chapter of the Mystery Writers of America will host their annual conference known as Sleuthfest. The site has the particulars like guests of honor David Morrell and Stephen Cannell. The conference is also featuring our own Paul Levine talking about screen writing.

This is one of the only conferences to feature an honest to goodness real forensic track that has featured cops, crime scene specialists and even medical examiners over the past few years.

Sleuthfest also attracts editors and agents from all over the country.

Check out a few photos from last year.

That's me and Neil Nyren, in a gun and tactics demo and with a clearly apprehensive Oline Cogdill.

Always fun. Always well run. I love this conference and hope you do too.

What are your favorite writing conferences?


  1. James O. Born1/07/2010 6:12 AM

    Debby brings up a great but contradictory point. The SC Book Festival, held in Columbia SC at the same time this year is among the best book events in the country.

    I was going to side step that whole issue.

    Thanks alot, Debby


  2. from Jacqueline

    Personally, I love the Book Passage Mystery Writers Conference, possibly the only conference where the attendees - all with work in progress, or about to embark upon writing a mystery - get to write through intensive "practicum" sessions. There is a forensic workshop (medical examiners, the FBI and the like teach that one) and the legal session, which is where we have a couple of lawyers and a judge. I say "we" because for some years now, I have been co-chair of the conference, and am involved specifically in developing the workshops, panels, and other session. And although there are "industry" session, the one thing we don't do is have a big old gossip-fest about the publishing industry - it's all about the attendees and giving them the best opportunity to achieve their dream. And you should see the alumni list!

    Great and timely post about conferences, Jim, as the "season" is about to begin!

  3. I've been to both of those conferences and both were great. In Southern California every two years is the California Crime Writers Conference sponsored by MWA/SoCal and Sisters in Crime/LA, which is similar to Sleuthfest. Writing is such so solitary I think it's important to attend these events just to be in the company of fellow writers. Many libraries have writers speak for free. It's all good.

  4. Is it true that this year Sleuthfest has Gilbert Arenas, instead of Jim Born, talking about guns?