Monday, January 11, 2010

It's over--this time for good

This will be the last post of The Naked Truth about Literature and Life. The bad news is we are too busy writing books to continue blogging. The good news is we are too busy writing books to continue blogging. And since we started this project together, we have chosen to end it together. And now for our good-byes.

Jacqueline Winspear

It was almost four years ago that Patty emailed me to ask if I would be interested in this idea she’d had for a blog – The Naked Truth About Literature and Life. Now, you know I’m the in-house techno-phobe, and I wasn’t really sure I knew how to blog – I’m not exactly a big presence in cyberspace (except through online ordering of equine-related products), and it seemed to me that many blogs took the form of glorified text messages. But I liked the idea and she’d pulled together a great team, so I said, “OK, I’m in.” Being of the, “No, you go first” school of new experiences, I bagged the Friday slot so I could see what my fellow nakeds did with their posts.

And what a ride it’s been from that first week. We’ve covered just about every issue to do with the writing, reading and publishing of books; we’ve shared our laughs, our losses, our good times and bad with you, and you’ve been left in no doubt where we all stand on everything from the Bush administration, to healthcare, elder care and teen care. We’ve shared our thoughts on gun control, global warming and hair color, and you probably know more about my horses than you ever wanted to know. And along the way we gathered quite a following – yes, we know you’re out there, the lurkers on the sidelines as well as our regulars who comment. Thank you for turning up at the house of Naked Authors every day. And thank you for this great experience. Many blessings to you all.

James O. Born

A couple of years ago my buddy, Paul Levine, convinced me to join Naked Authors after reading my blog on Amazon. In all the time since then I have really enjoyed the chance to share my views and point out fine writing (usually by my friends). I hope to keep in touch with those of you who always left comments. It will be a few weeks before I start realizing I don’t have to come with something for the blog each Thursday. I can’t complain about having too many projects to work on and needing to pare down my load. So I’ll check out on a high note and say, “Hope to see you soon.”

Ridley Pearson

Well, it's time to put the clothes back on. I have to say, being Naked as been a blast -- not so much the writing part, but the reading. I've been really honored to be a part of this group for the past year, and to read the daily contributions. But duty calls. I've been writing four books a year for the past three or four years, and this year is looking to be much the same. The regular deadline of writing copy for the blog proved to be the straw that broke my back.

Writing is such an honor -- that is, making a living at it -- that I want to honor the reader by putting all my energies into the various books and projects I have ahead of me in 2010. To Paulie, Patty and the gang: hats off for a job well done! The Naked Authors blog has been entertaining, educational, and something I looked forward to reading each day. I feel I've made four new friends. Close friends. I will miss you all.

Paul Levine

We’re done? Already?

I will likely say the same thing on my deathbed. Which brings to mind Woody Allen’s philosophy of life, told as a joke in “Annie Hall.”

Two women are discussing their vacation in a Catskills hotel. "The food here is just horrible," one complains.

"And such little portions," the other says.

"That's my theory of life,” Woody says. “Full of loneliness and misery and suffering....and it's all over too quickly."

I hope that brightened your day.

I will miss my fellow naked scribblers’ posts and all your witty and wise comments. As for my blatherings, please feel free to “friend me” on Facebook where I’m pontificating on popular entertainment, crime fiction, and college football. That’s everything that interests me, other than Thai foot massage.

Well, as Woody used to say in his stand-up, I’d like to leave you with something positive. But not having anything, would you take two negatives?

Patricia Smiley

Some say all good things must come to an end, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Thanks to everyone who has read our posts and contributed words of wisdom. Some of you have been with us since the beginning and we now consider you part of our family. We’ll miss you. This blogging thing has been a learning experience and a great deal of fun. Cheers to all. I'll leave you with this:



  1. i don't know what to say but i will come back when i thought about it

  2. Sybille, I have loved getting to know you and reading your comments. Will miss "talking" to you every day.

  3. I'll miss all your posts, but I'm glad you'll have more books for me to read. Best of luck, everyone.

  4. from jacqueline

    Aw, Patty, you had to go and spring Gladys Knight on me - I wept through my miserable twenties to her songs. Thanks, again, to one and all, especially to Patty, who started the blog - which, I might add, has been written up in some interesting places! I'm not only one of the NA bloggers, but a reader, and I am going to miss this space - but there's a lot on my desk to keep me busy.

    Sybille - keep in touch, it was lovely to connect with you through these posts, and indeed, as patty says, to the rest of the NA "family."

    Thanks for the good luck wishes, Gerald.

    Hey, those Pips were something else, weren't they?

  5. Hey guys, this can't be the end! Just change it to a weekly blog instead of a daily one, and then each of you has to interrupt the day job less than once a month!

    On the other hand, if your decision is final, surely Douglas Adams summed this situation up when he said "So long and thanks for all the fish".

    Rob xx

  6. So long, folks. I've enjoyed my daily stops here. Best to all of you!

  7. Sorry to see you go. My first blog posts were here, and being a techno-not like Jacqueline, it wasn't easy. (Note my posts under Anonymous because I have no idea who I originally logged on as.)
    So I have a few more minutes each day for my writing. What more can a group of fabulous authors offer, even in their absence?
    Thanks for the time, with special thoughts to Patty who got me coming here.


  8. Go-Lo...THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! You guys .......

    Perhaps you guys COULD do a weekly/monthly gig....don't just cut us off cold turkey. This is like coming into work monday and getting a pink slip telling you to clean out your desk.


  9. I've really enjoyed reading this blog - and I am going to be sad to see you all go....BUT, I am excited that you are all working on writing projects....and now, instead of waiting on the next blog post, I'll keep my eye on the bookstore shelves for those new titles.

    Best Wishes to you all!

  10. Thanks for the kind words Robert, Bill and Natalie. You guys are the best. Carson, keep writing. I'm sure we'll run into each other at some writerly cafe and chat over a cup of Joe and our blue pencil edits.

    Ah, Jon. You're done a lot of heavy lifting over the years, keeping us in line (especially Paulie) with your pithy comments and knowledge of all things football. Let us know if you start a blog. We'll all stop by and say hello.

  11. Go-lo....hope I don't go down in the archives as "the pithy one"....

    I will miss the good natured fun and the many springboards of self reflection brought about by
    all of the contributors.

    Guess this means, now, I actually have to come see you all when you do your various appearances!

  12. Big, fat, bummer.

    Although, I completely understand. Blogging is a huge time-gobbler, and it's really hard (I'm learning this from my feeble efforts on the Bouchercon 2010 blog).

    It's been oodles of fun hanging out with you guys - I'll look forward to seeing you at your author events and wherever else we run into each other.

  13. From a selfish point of view, I shall miss our daily meetings. I am experiencing withdrawal already. From a more selfless POV, I am happy for all your success and know you've struggled with the process that led to this decision. May beauty surround you all on your continuing journeys. And THANKS for all you've given.

  14. I've loved reading your posts ... I guess we'll just have to catch up in person now.

    Fare thee well, Naked Authors. And hope to see you soon.

  15. So long and best wishes, Nakeds, for all you have put into these posts, and for all the books to come.


  16. oh god, this is hard.

    i will miss each and every one of you very much - writers and readers. thanks for all the great stories and letting us be a part of your every day lives. well, we'll still have paul on facebook, yipeeeee!!!

    there's a lot i would like to say but the words don't come easy. so all there is left is to wish you all the very best, good health success and happiness. take care and look after your loved ones.

    jackie, it was great finding you again. you have my email address. drop me a line whenever you have some time to spare. i don't like the idea of losing touch yet again.

    love to all of you! see you around.......


  17. Ah hell. I've loved coming here. These posts will be sorely missed.

    But I do understand what a time-sink blogging is!

    Fare thee well on all your journies, literary and personal!

  18. Thank you--and bless you all. Nakedly, or otherwise.

    (off to shed some tears)

  19. Jon, how about if you are remembered in the archives as the "hot" one?

    Off to shed some tears of my own...

  20. Oh no. You guys were my first blog ever. I linked from Jackie's website and have been a faithful reader for over a year. Before that I didn't even know what a blog was. I've come late to the techno age.

    Wish you all the best. Keep writing the great stories for us.

    (another variation on a Jacqueline nickname)

  21. from Jacqueline

    What great comments from you all - I'll be in tears myself soon. And Sybille, eeek, I can't find your email address, so I hope you check in one last time to read this and will get in touch with me.

  22. I'll read all the other comments tomorrow, but I know they express the same sadness that I feel in losing one of my daily stops. Always interesting, always from the heart, always entertaining.


  23. While I am glad you are all busy writing I shall miss coming by daily to catch up on the thoughts and deeds you share.

    Best of luck to all. I'll keep an eye out for any of you guest blogging!

  24. It's been too long since I've visited this blog..months, many months. But for some reason I was drawn here today, (01/11/10, this day of the palindrome), and let me tell you all just how appreciative I am that I have this chance to say a final thanks. If I had found this post tomorrow, I would have been devastated.

    This was a great blog, and I truly enjoyed every post I read; I know that I missed out on quite a lot of them, so I'll still be lurking through your archives for quite some time :]

    But hats off! Congratulations to all of you, and best luck for the future! You really never know what tomorrow may bring. Being an author seems like quite the experience; THANK YOU for letting us sit in on some of your journeys!

  25. Well gosh, it's sad to see you all stop writing on here, but as everyone says, I can understand why. I shall look forward to your upcoming books, and written words elsewhere.

    Good luck to all!!

  26. jackie, i will be in touch.

    and patty, may i say that it's been great fun getting to know you as well. when i read your last blog i had this awful feeling......!
    take care of your mum.


  27. Of course I'm glad you all will stay busy writing books for me to read - but I'll miss this blog!

  28. Guys,
    2009 was a difficult year for me, but even if I wasn't commenting as much as usual, I was checking in to see what you were doing and saying. Thanks for the last years of laughter, tears, thoughtful commentary, and well, just being you. You are all wonderful talented people with great stories to tell. I will be looking forward to catching up with you between the pages of your various books...and even on Facebook. :-D

    And thank you for your kind indulgences of acquaintanceship and budding friendship as well. It's meant more than you know. I'll keep writing and maybe meet you all again sometime at a Bouchercon or such.

    Meanwhile begin the new year filled with creative thoughts, brightness and prosperity. That's how I'll be thinking of you all.


  29. Oh, will miss this blog, especially the thoughts of Jacqueline. Aren't you all just moing over to Facebook or Twitter or some one social group?
    Thanks for the memories!
    Susan in CA

  30. I will certainly miss you guys. You've become a big part of my morning.

  31. I'm so sorry. I always read your posts. Will you be leaving the site up. Never say never! You might have a burning issue to write about...

  32. I'm sorry to see all of your blogging end, but I hope that the blog itself will remain online as an archive. Otherwise, every link from other blogs/Web sites to existing material in Naked Truth will be broken. That would be a shame.


  33. REALLY GOOD POINT, Jeff.......

    hope the blog will turn into a quarterly newsletter, at the least.

  34. Just to let you know that the blog will remain "up" for the foreseeable future - we are still getting many, many new readers each day, so our past posts are new to quite a following. If Our Patty comes on again, she can tell you more.

  35. Go-lo, I am still willing to do any heavy lifting....
    Vasily Alexeev

  36. I just found you a couple weeks ago and now your gone - or at least going silent. Though it saddens me, I can certainly understand why, and am in an "attitude of gratitude" that I found you, that your blog will remain here so I can catch up on all your old posts that I missed, and mostly, that you will all continue writing your wonderful books. If anyone is looking for me, they'll know where to find me - in a comfy chair with my nose stuck in a book.

    HUGS and SMILES,
    Merry Lu

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