Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Dave Barry and I had the honor of having a lunch with Roy Disney about four years ago.

It was one of those memorable ones; one you don't forget. And it might be sad that he has died (today), except that he lived so well. My own father died two years ago on New Year's Eve -- the anniversary coming up; we will spend it with my mom. I don't believe a single day has passed since his death that I've not indulged myself in some memory of him, or a tip of my hat to him. Death is not what separates us; oddly, it's what unites us. Though I have a lump in my throat thinking about my own dad -- missing him -- and Roy, celebrating him, I know the thing to do is swallow it away and smile. It's a gorgeous day here in Missouri. My father would have mentioned that, would have made me look out the window and see the day for what it is: sunny.


  1. This is the season for remembering, isn't it? My mother, gone for 15 years; my best friend, gone for 7.

    But remembering with smiles and love, that helps.

    Still, it's loss which is never easy, and you have my sympathy about your father, and about Roy.

  2. ...and I just noted what would have been my father's 91st birthday.

    A time for remembering for sure.

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