Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Gatorbowl

James O. Born

It is the last day of 2009 and I am in lovely Jacksonville, Florida. As many of you know I am a serious student of history. Among the most important events in human history are the invention of the wheel, signing of the American declaration of Independence, the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, and Bobby Bowden’s last game, which is tomorrow in Jacksonville’s Municipal Football Stadium, formerly known as Alltel stadium.

I will be attending along with my son and we will be rooting for Saint Bobby to pull off one final win against West Virginia. Mt alma mater, Florida State University has seen better fotball years but this promises to be a memorable game. Hopefully West Virginia has enough class not to rain on Bobby's parade and d something crass like win.

So I’ll get to the point Happy New Year.

I hope all the readers of Naked Authors as well as the other Naked Authors have a wildly interesting, satisfying, fruitful year. I like to look at each year as a new beginning unless things are already going well. I have to admit, living in Florida, being gainfully employed and the father of happy, healthy kids, I’m not sure how much better things could go. So I won’t start over this year. I hope it’s a lot like 2009, without the stock issues and weak, worthless health bill.

See you next year.



  1. I went to WVU when Bowden was the coach there...even went to High School with his sons. Funny that he's playing them on his last hurrah....
    I think he has done what so many ego maniacs have, and stayed at the party too long.
    (sorry Jim)

  2. my dilemma.....can't watch both PSU and FSU, dadgummit!......hmmmm......GO Bowden, best of luck to FSU.

    Jim, hope you see a competitive and exciting that last second win last night by Idaho.

    ALL THE BEST to all the "Nakeds" in the coming year.


  3. Bobby had a run of top 10 teams that will probably never be matched. However, he leaves a clouded legacy, not just because of the graceless exit. Sometime in 2010, the NCAA findings will become final and Bowden's program will be tainted.

    But...dadgummit, I hope you enjoy the game, and it would be nice if he left on a high note.

  4. After watching the Holiday Bowl last night, I'd say you should be gosh-darn happy you're not facing Nebraska's defense. (Arizona was the slight favorite in that game).

  5. Good luck to FSU-all I know is the Buckeyes made the Rose Bowl and I made sure I had the day off work so I could watch it.

    GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!

  6. Happy New Year to one and all!

    Go Huskies! (I know, I know. They're not playing)

  7. A 1 insights Paul.......THAT blowout was ugly.

    Be of good cheer, Go-Lo, the Huskies ARE playing, just not football in a Bowl game.

  8. Eighty-three year old Joe Paterno leads Penn State into the Capital One Bowl New Year's Day. Kickoff is 1 pm, the same time as FSU's Gator Bowl, with 80-year-old Bobby Bowden coaching his last game. Who's gonna referee the fistfights when nursing home residents struggle over the remote?

  9. Jacksonville? But Spurrier will be in Birmingham.