Thursday, November 05, 2009

Guys I like and don't like

James O. Born
Guys I like:

Guys I don't Like:

What about you?


  1. I CANNOT believe you put our beloved coach in the same category as Osama!

  2. I would like Chris Matthews more if he would stop talking over his guests response. I hear him and don't hear them. It's repetitive, annoying and he does it all the time.

    I have no idea who the coach is, so I'll pass on which category he should hold his picture.


  3. You, sir, are a hard core football fan.

    I respect that.


  4. The statute of limitations has expired on your dislike of Mr. Spurrier. Let it go.

    Have to agree with Terrie. I like Chris Matthews' enthusiasm, but he is the worst interviewer in the history of journalism. Asks a question and then honks over the answer. Time and again. Put a cork in it, Chris.

  5. Plus Chris has a little spitting thing going when he talks. Suck in the saliva, Chris.

  6. On the sports front (just to narrow it all down ;-)

    Don't just like, adore Joe Montana.
    Larry Fitzgerald makes me smile.
    Have come to respect Kurt Warner.

    Have a decades old rancid hatred for Dennis Erickson
    Very happy that John Madden retired.
    Despise Brett Favre. Gak.


  7. James O. Born11/05/2009 11:02 AM

    Debby, that's why I chose a gator photo.
    Terrie Paul and Patt, I know Matthews talks too much but he really seems interested.

    Bill I am a football fan

    Rae good choices except Favre. I like the guy.


  8. Jim,
    Believe me, coaching the SC Gamecocks is more humiliating than any punishment you could possibly think up for poor old Steve.

  9. I didn't think there was anyone you didn't like.

  10. I can identify 4 out of 8.

    Is there a prize?

    thanks in advance,


  11. Paul's right -- the way Chris Matthews asks a question and then keeps right on talking is one of the most annoying things on television. Can't believe that MSNBC gave him all that money to keep interupting people. Should have let him run against Arlen Specter, except Specter would have beaten him and we'd be stuck with both!