Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Flip Out

Flip Video:

You will never have more fun shooting video than with a Flip camera. Dave and I were loaned a pair of vid cams by Disney for our road trip, and found them to be a blast.

If you haven't tried one... get down to Best Buy.

Log Jam:

In thinking about the demands put on Internet. Not only is video and audio clogging up the bandwidth, but something much less noticeable and therefore more insidious: your e-mail. When you hit REPLY and return an e-mail, unless the content is critical, DELETE the prior email threads. Hundreds of millions of us spend zillions of bytes sending long threads of e-mails back and forth, 90% of which was yesterday's message. Delete it first! This is where TXTing is so efficient -- it's only the current message that gets sent.

Lee Child:

For me, the debate is all but over. All of us who write suspense, we hope we deliver fast, well-written, gripping fiction. We spend our lives trying to make it the best it can be. But -- and I'm sorry for Paul and me that I have to say this -- there's one clear "best." It's Lee Child. He's simply the "it" writer right now. (He has been near the very top for me for a good while.) Maybe the best for a long time to come. "Hoist up the John D. sails." He will join those ranks someday. He's that good. If you have somehow missed the books of this #1 selling author, try this one:

Mind boggling how RIGHT he gets it. But watch out: you go through Lee's books like chocolates in a box. Hard to keep your hand out.

From Ridley


  1. The Dave and Ridley Show, coming soon to a theater near you (I hope).

    Another great thing about Lee Child is that he is a nice guy, gentleman, and a supporter of other writers. Makes one extra happy for his success.