Friday, September 18, 2009

Sad Times

from Jacqueline

Not a long post this week - have to rush out to see my young horse, Ollie, who is having his feet trimmed by a new farrier today. As you horse owners, know, feet are very important.

But I do have one thing to "express" this week, that's a sense of being on very shaky ground in recent days. Yes, of course, life goes on; you go about your daily round in the same way, but in the meantime, I have been feeling very uneasy since the manure started to hit the fan when PRESIDENT Obama began his campaign to bring the United States into the modern world with some form of universal healthcare for all citizens. I have written about this before, so will not labor the point here. Frankly, I am finding the response to those efforts and the dialogue around the subject quite scary. The fear that has erupted in this country, whether it be a fear of the socialist terror that haunts so many, or the fact that some people are scared to death that they might have to pay for medical care required by those they deem to be less deserving; the whole country seems to be chafing at the traces pulling it into the future.

We gave up on television in this house some months ago, so virtually all my news comes from the web (where I read several newspapers each day) and my NYT on a Sunday. I like to read the "foreign" as well as national press. So it saddened me to see the following cartoon yesterday. And it scared me to death, for although I absolutely believe in America - as Churchill said, "America will always do the right thing" - the way in which both certain members of the populace and certain politicians are voicing their feelings is taking my breath away.

There's more to that quote from Churchill. Here it is in full:

"America will always do the right thing - but only after having exhausted all other possibilities"

And with the manner in which we exhausting those possibilities, we are collectively shooting ourselves and our country in the foot.

I wish you well this weekend.


  1. These are scary and uncertain times, you're absolutely right. The lack of civility, the lies, the temper-tantrums, the sheer volume of hatred. . .well, it's almost impossible NOT to be unnerved. In my opinion, anyway.

  2. I agree with both of you. It's alarming that no one in a leadership position is willing to speak out and stop the madness.

  3. What frightens me most is the unwillingness of people to be educated. They've made up their mind and damn the facts. It's disheartening that the ignorant outnumber the people who get it. I thank you though, for keeping the good fight in the public eye. I can shout all I want, but as of yet, my voice is small.

  4. from Jacqueline

    Thank you for your comments - and I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who feels a great sense of trepidation regarding the lack of willingness to listen and learn that is prevalent in our society at the moment. Oh, how might it have been if our previous administration had been questioned in this manner prior to invading a sovereign nation in pursuit of WMD that did not exist, leaving that country open to all manner of terrorist infiltration?

    And "Watery Tart" - our voices may be small, but I for one want to be heard where I can.

  5. I always find it interesting when people denigrate the opinions of those who disagree with them as "ignorant",and assert that they are the only ones who "get it"--and I say that regardless of whatever side of any issue someone is on...

    As far as the cartoon, Jacqueline, I wouldn't let it scare you...unless, of course, utter poor taste in mudslinging scares you. :)

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  7. Yes, Jeff, that cartoon was in very bad taste - but it reflects how some parts of the world see our internal strife at the moment. I'm all for a reasoned debate, and one in which people don't resort to lies, have a respect for other opinions and are prepared to be educated along the way. We all have so much to offer each other and learn from each other - there's a lot of power in a healthy respect for opposing opinions, if only we could tap into that power in a healthy way.