Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Pause to the Post

I'm crazy with creating proposals (thrillers) this week, so I must apologize for taking a week off of getting Naked. I will be on Twitter briefly (RidleyTheWriter) where it has been an active week. If you want a hoot, you might enjoy a New York Times article on chicken feet, which I've had the honor (?) to consume... (the feet, not the article)
oopps... there's an email coming in from my agent...



  1. “We have these jumbo, juicy [chicken] paws the Chinese really love,” said Paul W. Aho, a poultry economist and consultant, “so I don’t think they are going to cut us off.”

    We await Marcelle's recipe.

    Thriller proposal: "Naked Came the Chicken Feet"

  2. I had Chicken Feet in Thailand once, and the sauce literally (chemically) burned my lips.

  3. I went to a restaurant in Bejing many years ago and was served every part of the Peking Duck entree, including the feet, in the same bowl with no way of disposing of the stuff that looked too scary to eat.