Wednesday, July 08, 2009

To i or not to i ???

To i(-Phone) or not to i

I have, for far too many years carried a Blackberry. I have amassed a stack of them as they evolved and I broke them or moved on to a newer model. I am a BBerry devotee and loyal user. Or maybe not.

A few years ago, you might have heard this... the iPhone was released. This intrigued me because I had moved (after 21 years) from Windows to Mac, and I had never looked back, laughing and grinning all the way. First I bought my assistant a Mac, then my other assistant, then I bought my own. I added one over the years for my kids, then my wife, myself a newer model, the other kid... on and on. We have WAY too many Macs to count and they ALL STILL WORK. I had been plagued by viruses taking down our entire (Windows based) office system of desktops and laptops, and I just couldn't bear it. The switch to Mac ended all that. And along came the iPhone.

But it had that ridiculous touch type on the screen. You couldn't search properly. Or cut and paste. It was a great device (my wife bought one) but not up to "office material." I could work the keypad when in landscape, but sadly, not well in portrait orientation.

Then my wife (watch out for wives) upgraded to the 3G-S last week, and gave me her old one (with the new 3.0 software already on it). Surprise... this one allows you to use the landscape keyboard in Mail mode (meaning you can thumb type); it cuts, it pastes... it sits on my desk. After just two days of fooling with her old one, I succumbed to buy the 3G-S for my self as my assistant, Nancy, and my wife, Marcelle implored me to do. I've owned it... I'm not kidding... twenty minutes. My Mail is already set up; my Contacts and Calendar are in the phone and are able to update wirelessly (as my Blackberry once did, but hasn't since I bailed on the expensive service allowing this). And I'm a reluctant, but currently happy, i-Phone guy. Ten minutes. Full set up time.

I have no idea if I'll keep it. The price was right. I will use it for a few months until Fall when my schedule goes crazy. My phone is my life when on the road, and I'll be on the road a lot in the coming months, but I have about a month here where I can test out the phone without relying on it as a lifeline. If it lets me down I'm back to the BlackBerry.

But my guess? Yes... that's right.



  1. I i and it's really fun. I've never used a BB so I can't compare but Ive been a lifelong Mac owner so I have a POV.

  2. from Jacqueline

    I've been trying not to buy an iphone, and you're not helping me, Ridley! I've been a Mac person my whole computing life and I cannot stand Windows - but I just haven't made the leap to the iphone yet (I have a Verizon cellphone and I've heard the AT&T coverage for the iphone is really not terribly great).

    But those i's sure look great ....

  3. I have the 2 generation model and I'm sold on it. My quibble is with the phone itself, which seems average--I'm not impressed with AT&Ts 3G network--but all the other stuff, awesome. Great and reliable for e-mail, YouTube, Internet, calendar, music, videos, and the app store is a serious plus.

    Just one warning. I always carry Kleenex around in my pocket and I was carrying the iPhone in the same pocket. The phone got totally infiltrated with lint and I had to swap out the phone. I'm not the only person to have had this problem, either. Now I carefully keep Kleenex in a different pocket than the iPhone. You can also buy little rubber plugs that fit into the plug-in area, but mine kept falling out and I eventually lost it.