Thursday, July 09, 2009

James O. Born

(Read and find the errors)

This is a review of software. A little something different. This is literally the first time I have ever used the software, and I'm using it in a word for Windows. The software and talking about is Dragon naturally speaking version 10 preferred. It is voice recognition software, and this is part of my training process to make my computer understand what I'm saying is learn how to use the program more efficiently. I will not give the program a rating, a score, or thumbs-up or thumbs down. Simply by reading what I've dictated you can make your own decision on whether it is an effective tool for a writer.

I love to write that I'm a very slow typist. And I know at least for the blog I really don't proofread the way I should. So far, the software has reacted very well to my voice and commands. It took me about 30 minutes to load it in 15 minutes to configure it. So basically right out the box. This is the sort of quality you could get.

I got the idea of using voice recognition software from a friend of mine is little bit of a computer geek. It never occurred to me before to use voice recognition. Like to work on either my laptop or my little travel computer made by Acer. Announced Acer very clearly and didn't even have to spell it out. I'm going to be laid up for a couple of weeks starting next week and wasn't sure how easy it would be for me to work on a keyboard. I decided I should at least get some benefit out of being forced to sit still over the course of several weeks while my shoulder heals from rotator cuff surgery. If this means that I will be more productive in the future because I have voice recognition software. It will be a huge benefit. In addition to easing the constant throbbing in my shoulder.

To take a look at what I've just written or actually spoken. I have the automatic punctuation turned on. However, I've had to say. A couple of times. I guess when you say. This thing rights. No matter what. I received a few minor errors. The software can make. (This is typed: you cannot write period if you say period. It only writes a punction mark.)

I need to put something of use in here besides a software review. So let's put down a joke.
This is one my daughter told me the other day. It's an old joke, but she is so cute. It gave me a belly laugh.

A man walks into a bar with a dog. He says, "I'll bet you $100 my dog can talk."
The bartender says, "don't waste my time a dog can’t talk."
The man says, "come on bet me $100, this dog can talk."
The bartender says, "okay. Let's hear it."
The man looks at the dog and says, "what's on top of this bar?"
The dog says, "roof."
The bartender rolls his eyes, and says, "come on buddy, every dog says that."
The man says, "go ahead. You ask the question."
The bartender says, "okay, who's the greatest baseball player of all time?"
The dog says, "roof"
the bartender tells them both to get out of the bar.
And as they leave the dog looks up at the man shrugs its tiny shoulders and says, "DiMaggio?"

Now I'm telling you, I am sitting on his couch with out touching the keyboard. This is the best evaluation you'll ever have for voice recognition software without me ever saying, whether it's good or bad. You make up your own mind.

If you get a chance leave a comment and tell me what you think. I have read several articles about writers using voice recognition software. In one of make up my own mind about whether typing engages one side of the brain or not. But I just written a blog in a couple of minutes that normally would've taken me 30 minutes.

The only thing that I will use the keyboard for is to paste this into the blog itself and to paste a photo of the cover of the software and maybe a ittle explanation, but I'll be clear what is typed. Now this is an unbiased and fair evaluation for which I hope. The company which makes Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 will pay handsomely. I'm only joking. Unless the company really will pay.

See you next Thursday with either a typed or spoken entry.



  1. Jim, in terms of coherence, I think it's a slight improvement over your normal standard.

  2. Ha! So funny, Lee.

    And BTW, you write a post in 30 minutes????!!!! It takes me hours, sometimes days. What am I doing wrong?

  3. James O. Born7/09/2009 12:52 PM

    Oh yeah that's just great, Lee.

    Are you at home thinking, I'm tall, I'm rich, I have a good accent why don't I pick on the redneck from Florida?

    I am sorry I'm missing you guys at ThrillerFest this year.

    Jim B.

  4. I don't really think of you as a redneck. A leprechaun, maybe. Mostly I'm thinking of you talking to your computer. I bet you're using a posh voice.

  5. I'm yousing voike reconnaissance soft wear two.

  6. Oxymoronic Voice-Recognition "Writing".

    Jeeezus of all the old nancy-boy spoiled successful lazy-ass writers! The big whine about your new software program. It won't punctuate? It misspells? Bummer. You want to lie on your B&B Italia sofa sippin' a Diaka martini stroking your....[poodle].....and have all of the work done by your updated Mac and iPhone. You've got assistants and secretaries and editors and flattering fans and bragging relatives up the whazoo....all of them falling all over themselves to keep you famous and punctuated. Now you need voice recognition software because actually WRITING is soooo tiring. Puh leeze. Mensch up and pull a few beads of sweat. Find a chunk of binder paper, get out the ol' quill and ink pot. Yeeeesh.

    Another Naked Author complained to me the other day that her work in progress was kicking her ass. With all of the talent you have, I'd like to kick ALL yall in the ass...all your asses sitting around wasting time setting up useless software when you could be creating for me, your reader!!
    I'm teasing, of course. This blog DID have me laughing. Esp. P.L.'s contribution.

    Good Shabbos

    > ; }


  7. I just bought my Dragon software as an early birthday present for myself. So far I think it's great. I'm working on my first novel and returning to school in August. I figure this will give me a bit of an edge. I also purchased a digital recorder which is compatible with the software.

  8. I, too, use Dragon. And I must caution you to turn it off when doing anything other than working on your project at hand.

    Here's why. I got a call from my editor one day asking why I'd written, "Do you need to go out?" in the middle of a section about the morgue.

    Apparently my dog was doing the bathroom dance and I had forgotten to turn off Dragon when I asked her if she needed the break. The software typed my words into the manuscript and I never caught it.

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