Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Dog Ate My Gigabytes

Believe it or not, I had posted a post, which is kind of like talking the talk -- and it vanished into cyberspace -- the dog ate my gigabytes.

So, since I leave on a very tiny book tour in a matter of hours, I will abandon the shameless promotion that was my earlier post (I'll bet Levine deleted it!) and give you a few wacky storylines for the week...

One is on pole dancing and a town trying to ban it.

The next is on the life of a wonderful writer, James Graham Ballard, who just happened to grow up in the same city I left (last week): Shanghai.

One practical, and something you should know about if reading blogs gives you a headache.

And finally, the shameless plug, unless Levine gets to it first.

It published yesterday...
Hope to see you in Scottsdale, Houston or Sun Valley...


  1. J.G. Ballard's "Empire of the Sun" is fiction but is closely based on his youth. He was interned by the Japanese in Shaghai, separated by his parents.

    Spielberg's adaptation was a box-office dud, but IMHO, it will be appreciated more and more as time passes. The scenes of the Japanese takeover of the city, and the boy becoming lost are spectacular. Ballard was played by a very young (13?) Christian Bale.

    As for your self-promotion, ha! Until you pay for an electronic billboard in Times Square, you're a mere pup!

    I love the cover, can't wait to read the book. Is the sequel, "Deadly Fall?"

  2. Congrats on the birth of your latest book. And do tell, did all of those individually signed pages fit properly in the finished product?

  3. Thanks, Patty! I have pages coming out of everywhere!