Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Moving Day

From Ridley

Well... I was all set to post a number of photos to show why I'm too busy to post a blog this week. But alas, a certain government has not only blocked the blog from a certain country, but my sneaky workaround to get "out" and be able to post (I'm using it now), is somehow blocked from accepting images. So maybe this is why we're coming home!

Suffice it to say that all our bedrooms and our living room and dining room, small as they may be, are TOWERING with boxes. Here's the hardcore facts: we arrived, I kid you not, with one duffel bag and one roller bag each. And I had a very full backpack with routers, computers and the like (we have 4 computers here with us and full network in the house with two wireless repeaters, because the house is tall and narrow). We are going home with... ready for this? 31 giant boxes of "stuff," and about a dozen pieces of furniture. It turns out this has been a year of acquisition... For the record: I account for one of the thirty-one boxes. So, thirty boxes for the girls, and one for husband/daddy.

Today... my blog day... the movers come to take it away and put it in a container, and a ship takes it all to Tacoma, and then an expediter (supposedly) gets it to us. We'll see. But at least we've got it packed and ready to go.

Today is also the day I turn in the corrected and graded final exams for my course at the university. I'm SO sad to be leaving that part of my life. The teaching experience has been one for the ages. I might even get a non-fiction book out of it. Who knows?

I will be on a very short book tour for KILLER SUMMER. June 30, Barnes and Noble, Fenton, MO July 1 Poisoned Pen, (Scottsdale); July 2 Murder By The Book (Houston); July 9 St Louis County Library (Frontenac); July 16 Community Library, Ketchum, Idaho; August 4, with Dave Barry, Hailey Library, Hailey, Idaho. The book will be mentioned in a summer read round-up on Good Morning America, on June 29th. Would love to meet some bloggers on the road!

I'm signing off... I hear the packing tape calling me. (I now Twitter as RidleyTheWriter)


  1. We miss you. And look forward to hearing all your stories.

    (Please do not come home via North Korea).

  2. Whoa! I pressed "comments" on my aol and got a ominous warning message in Chinese. Had to switch to another Internet engine.

    What? You're not coming to LA? Paulie and I want to take you to a dive bar to celebrate the new tome. Happy traveling!

  3. Bon Voyage, Ridley - and here's to the rousing welcome you'll get when you arrive back on good old American soil.

    I'll miss your Shanghai, but look forward to those memoirs.

    And Patty - are you serious, about the warning message in Chinese? It might be Google trying to shut us down again ...

  4. "So, thirty boxes for the girls, and one for husband/daddy."

    I dunno, that sounds about right. . .


    Well, Ridley, if you get stalled waiting for your container in Tacoma, we'd love to have you drop by SMB. We've certainly missed you, but you've been having adventures and that's beyond fabulous!