Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A Knight In Shining Electronic Ink

From Ridley:

I don't know how many people can actually access this story by the direct link. If not, you can cut and paste the link below and Google it ( and it will offer links to other blogs that carry the story. But I've been following this technology, through a friend, since the MIT lab first revealed it, and owned an early Kindle, and now own two. Paul has been writing about the death of the newspaper--rightly so!; I've been hoping and waiting for this device. Maybe, just maybe, Paul and I will both be served by what's coming. It maybe a Knight (Ridder) in shining armor and save more than a few jobs in the process.


  1. James O. Born5/06/2009 6:40 AM

    I hope you're right, Ridley

  2. I hope you're right too. I can see students buying these to cut costs on textbooks (and the publishers might be happy if it diminishes the used book market), but I don't know if I would schlep one around with me. I'd rather buy a newspaper or get the news online. Mind you, who knows what we'll all be doing in a year. Oh dear ....

  3. Might be good parked at home, though, for morning coffee. Just don't SPILL IT ON THE THING.

  4. What I am confused about is this: If the Kindle saves newspapers, is it saving only the Internet versions? And if so, will the 'Net subscriptions and advertising be enough to staff "papers" with investigative reporters, political reporters, foreign correspondents?

    Who knows?

    Will the 'Net only L.A. Times be able to produce a series like the current one regarding the scandalous state of the public school system where teachers can't be fired and those facing disciplinary action earn hundreds of thousands of dollars doing nothing for several years?,0,3038809.story

    Will the next Watergate be exposed by the Huffington Post?

    So many questions. So few answers.