Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I Tweet; Therefore I Am (a Twit)

From Paul Levine

Random Tweets:

Big-Foot Kindle: Not only will Kindle save books, but now the larger version will save newspapers. Read all about it in The New York Times.

Not So Fast: I'm betting people won't buy 'Net subscriptions until (1) newspapers eliminate their free websites; and (2) Kindle screens look like newspaper pages.

Here's What I Mean: Take a gander at Miami Magazine's digital edition that LOOKS like a magazine, right down to turning the pages and even reading the ads.

Stop The Presses? Not Yet: In related news, The Boston Globe is still printing.

Sports News: Kobe vs. LeBron. LeBron vs. Kobe. Okay, Lebron wins. They're both immortals. Let's get on with the playoffs.

Lakers Lose! The Lakers were deliciously terrible in their 100-92 HOME LOSS to the Rockets last night. Only 2-18 from 3-point land. In related news, Kobe Bryant denies he's dating OctoMom.

Also in Sports News
: I've tried. God help me, I've tried. But I just can't watch hockey.

Second Thoughts on Hockey: Okay, I'd watch hockey if they could increase the scoring...say by eliminating the goalie.

More on Scoring: I know baseball purists like 1-0 games. Not me. Give me a 12-11 slugfest with a walk-off grand slam. (Exception: The 1963 game between the Braves and Giants where both Juan Marichal and Warren Spahn went the distance in a 16-inning 1-0 game that ended with a Willie Mays home run. Imagine two pitchers doing that today.)

The Recession Is Starting to Piss Me Off: Budget constraints have forced M.I.T. to eliminate its alpine skiing team.

Lighten Up, Veronica! Veronica Lario plans to divorce her 72-year-old hubby Silvio Berlusconi, the prime minister of Italy for, inter alia, hitting on a 18-year-old girl at her birthday party.

Travel Plans: Next week, I'll be in Tobago, treating my lumbago, to say nothing of my vertigo. Hence, Ms. Smiley's Monday post shall appear atop the page until Wednesday.



  1. I'm up through Wednesday? OMIGOD!!!! The pressure.

    Kindle: Bought one. Like it. Saving trees. The wave of the future.

    Tabago? Lumbago? What gives?

  2. great newsflash, paul, but you forgot the weather report.

    tobago, lumbago - sounds like a line our of a beach boys song.


    oh, and nice idea to give pattys blog a plug on facebook. i hope she gets some good feedback on it.

  3. And Paul, I feel the same way about hockey, but I guess you are talking about ice hockey. I used to play field hockey at school and truly hated it. Nothing worse than getting one of those sticks whacked around the shins on a freezing cold morning - my family couldn't afford shin pads, so I had to go without. I still have dents in my bones from that rotten game.

  4. Hmmm, for some reason, the top half of my comment didn't appear in the column - hmmm ....

    Just to let you know that I don't usually begin comments with "And" - sorry about that/

  5. James O. Born5/05/2009 3:30 PM

    Still loves books and I'm a tech geek.


  6. Sybille, I hope Amtrak is on Paulie's Facebook wall. Maybe they'll take pity and upgrade us to a bedroom for the price of coach????!!!!!

  7. i'll keep my fingers crossed for you, patty. if anyone can spread the word, then paul can.
    bring back lots of pictures from your trip!

  8. Love books, the web and Kindle Application for the iPhone. I don't want another device, but I always want another book.