Thursday, April 16, 2009

Susan Boyle Really Does Rock

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James O. Born

This blog is pure inspiration. It is Wednesday evening here in Florida, as I sit on my porch and take a break from a novel to write this blog. I read Ridley’s post and it was like he was stealing my idea. I got nothing. That’s the title I wanted to use, which I stole from Paul (whether he admitted it or not on a post).

Then I saw the news story on a Scottish woman named Susan Boyle. If you’re the average American the word Scottish brings up images bad Mike Myers impersonations, Haggis, funny men’s skirts and William Wallace, father of all slaps in the face to England. Known for drinking, fighting and being cheap, the Scots are a likable lot who can be difficult to understand if either you or the Scotsman has been drinking. But this story was different. It didn’t involve liquor or bagpipes or sheep. Just a wonderful surprise. She was the bright spot in my day despite GE rising thirty two cents to close near twelve dollars a share.

It happened on a show called Britain’s Got Talent, I can only assume it’s some flimsy rip-off of America’s Got Talent only with bland food and no dentists within fifty miles. Simon Cowell of American Idol is one of the judges. Now I’ve watch only one of these kinds of shows. Two years ago, one of my friend’s sons were on America’s Got Talent and I was impressed. I have nothing against amateur shows; I mean I read everything Paul Levine puts out. But I don’t know enough about singing to tells who’s good and who’s sort’ve good.

This woman, Susan Boyle, came on stage and no one expected anything. She is frumpy and 47. Ye Gods what the hell is wrong with 47? I wish I were 47 again. Regardless, she looked doomed as she stumbled over the answers to a few simple questions.

Then she sang. In a moment she had corrected all the problems of the world with a voice God saw fit to share with the rest of the world. I learned a lesson. I hope I won’t be so quick to judge by appearance. I’m fascinated by the story. I’ve watched it several times and felt compelled, yes compelled, to write about it today.

If this woman from a small village in Scotland can touch a pudgy redneck in Florida think of the possibilities for the world.

Watch her full clip on Youtube. I cannot get the link to work. Trust me it's worth it.

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  1. The phrase "odd duck" comes to mind, but yeah, she's got a mind-blowing voice.

  2. Yes, that's some voice. I went back and listened to the original Broadway cast recording. I don't know the name of the actress/singer who did "I Dreamed a Dream," but their voices are similar, although Ms. Boyle's seems "fuller," if that makes any sense.

    And....I could be wrong, but I think the British shows came before the U.S. counterparts.

    Pardon me, I have to go shower and sing now, preparing for "America's Worst Voices."

  3. Loved the look on the faces of those smug, snarky judges who made it clear they thought she was a troll until she started signing. I think it takes a lot of courage to perform in front of people who wish to make you the butt of their jokes.

  4. it happened before: two years ago, same show. a chubby welsh guy called paul potts came onstage. bad teeth, cheep suit, cellphone salesman.

    same smug judges, same faces. but then he started to sing "nessun dorma". the audience went wild and the woman judge started crying.
    here in germany we only got to know about him last year when he did a tv commercial. since then he's beeb all over europe and asia and as far as i rmember hewas going to the states as well.
    watch out for him, it really is worth it.

    britain certainly does have talent, right jackie?!


  5. James O. Born4/16/2009 12:16 PM

    Sorry guys but I had trouble uploading this. Paul saved me. Then my phone died. That's why I didn't call back, Paul.

    I had photos and links.

    I'll try to put it up again on Saturday.

    I love this woman.


  6. Here's a really smart column about this woman appearance, both in person and on the show.


  7. James O. Born4/16/2009 1:25 PM

    Blogger is funky today. i didn't even think this version made it through the network.


  8. James O. Born4/16/2009 1:31 PM

    I just read it. Good call as usual.


  9. Britain's Got Talent did indeed come first and both shows are completely rigged. I know many performers who have been on the American version of the show and I can assure you that any hype a contestant might get is completely orchestrated to happen. It is no coincidence that the top ten performers on AGT are nearly identical in talent and background to the top 10 from the previous season of BGT. They are both TV shows with a "cast". A cast made up or "real" people mind you, but a cast non the less. The shows really have nothing to do with talent and everything to do with ratings and money.