Thursday, April 30, 2009

The First Photo Says It All

James O. Born

I'll let the photos tell most of the story of my adventure at the Romantic Times, or "RT", convention in Orlando last week. After years of agitating about the getting th Mystery Writers of America (MWA) to do more with other groups, I couldn't very well ignore an event like this in my own state once I became President of MWA Florida Chapter. The MWA co-sponsored a breakfast with a dozen crime writers who are also members of the MWA. I felt it was a fine use of MWA funds.

I would have to say I have never had more fun at a convention. If this photo of me and model C.J. doesn't scream good time then nothing does.

I met RT publisher Carol Stacy who clued me in that the magazine now reviews all types of books.

I hung out with writers like Mary Burton, F. Paul Wilson and Lori Armstrong.

I don't know who the hell these two are. One claimed he was Barry Eisler the other's head was stuck up Eisler's ass so it must have been Joe Konrath.

There are parties every night but the highlight is the vampire ball put on by the phenominal Heather Graham and featuring all five of her extremely talented children. Frankly I'm glad my son or daughter didn't attend because Heather's kids would've made them feel like slackers.

All in all I've been convinced, RT is a conference every one should attend at least once.


  1. JA's easy to ID--he's got a beer bottle in his hand.

  2. I haven't that much hair and cleavage since the mailman accidentally left a Victoria's Secret catalog in our mailbox.

  3. Are you going to unbutton your shirt like that at Bouchercon? And is CJ going to be your Plus One?

  4. Jim, there's a pic of you and me on the First Offenders Blog today :)

    Good to see you my friend!

  5. I went last year and had a blast. Those people really know how to put on an event.

  6. I went one year when it was held in Houston. Unforgettable.

  7. Yo Debby,
    That darn mailman keeps accidentally leaving Victoria Secret's catalogs in my mailbox, too. To whom do I address my complaint?

    As for Jim (Cover Boy) Born, a new career awaits. It's called science fiction!

  8. From what I heard, this year's Romantic times convention was a mellow affair compared to the previous years.

    When I attended 3 years ago in Daytona, I blogged about it in the Lipstick Chronicles on May 27, 2006 - Romantic Convention of the Vanities -

    In the past 12 years, I have attended nearly 20 film festivals and countless conventions, there are aspects of the Romantic times convention that I am still trying to sort out 3 years later...

  9. That photo needs some sort of warning above it so that unsuspecting readers don't happen upon it and puke on their keyboards.