Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Bird Wings

I found myself shopping for bird wings this week...

I thought these might be a little too big to pack. So I opted for something more like:

though you won't catch me dead in those heels.

And I found myself wondering how odd it is that a 56 year old male would be on-line shopping for butterfly wings, in order to go on book tour with Dave Barry for our next and possibly final Starcatchers novel. (Peter and the Sword of Mercy--October)

Writing is just not a normal occupation I decided. Last year Dave and I were trying to figure out how to set off 15 foot Mentos/Coke experiments in bookstores and schools without being sued. And this year I'm shopping for angel wings (they feature prominently in the novel -- oh, sure, I hear you saying!) And the answer is: No, Dave and I are not that kinky.

So anyway... next time you're thinking about taking up writing for a living...

Think again.


  1. Ridley, I hope you'll share the photos with us. What a hoot! Too bad I don't still have my angel wings from Carnaval in Rio. I would loan them to you.

  2. There's a story in there somewhere...

    Like Patty said: PHOTOS!! :-D

    Life around you lot is never dull. :-D


  3. Oh please tell me you guys are coming to Seattle! We'd LOVE to see the wings (shoes optional)!

  4. There are so many OTHER reasons not to become a writer!

    And if the angel shtick doesn't work out, there's always a mermaid outfit.