Thursday, February 26, 2009


Before I start my post on webcams I have to respond to Paul's Tuesday post. As long as we're showing photos from years ago how is this one of Paul?

I am impressed. If I had a photo like that I'd post it everywhere. That's Paul on the right about age 25 in 1963. They are celebrating the end of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Now for webcams! Woohoo!

I like computers. Not only do I write on them I suck in all kinds of information. By nature I’m curious and if I try something new or hear about something odd I have to find out all I can. For instance, I went to the Daytona 500 two weeks ago. Never been to a NASCAR race, knew only a few driver’s names but I was happy to try something new, especially with some buddies down from up north. I didn’t understand much of the tactics of the race but the next day found that I really liked seeing the analysis and hearing the driver’s comments.

I also love webcams on the computer. It started with a desire to see the beach conditions before I drove the few miles to swim. For that I used this site sponsored by Palm Beach County. From the north end of the county to the south I can see the relative wave heights. One interesting thing I learned form this was that realized how rough the waters in the northern section were compared to the south beaches in Boca Raton. Just those twenty five miles make a huge difference. I’ve been told the Bahamas shields the southern county so on normal days the seas are calmer further south.

I found some of these cameras in this article from PC World.

Here are a few other webcams you might find interesting:

Press a button to blast bubbles through a Florida family's wired backyard.

Wakiki Beach Should be obvious why tis is cool.

Earth Cam Has choices of cameras all over the world.

Space Needle A view of Seattle that may not be active but is interesting.

Because this is a blog by writers and to show how far webcams reach into society I included this one of the University of Minnesota, Duluth library lobby.

Have any webcams you track? Try it, you might have a few laughs.

See you next week.



  1. Hmm. Did you really need to tell us Paulie was the one on the right?

  2. The Shamu cam is a lot of fun, actually.

  3. Mark, how can you tease us like that and not give us a link. Hmmmm?

  4. Sorry, I was attending Sleuthfest with the MWA.

    Thanks for the comments Patty and Mark.


  5. Hey, dumbass.

    You about one six-pack away from ending up on Dateline.

    That's right. I know about all them webcams you watch that you didn't list here. Oughta be ashamed.

    Webcams at your age... dumbass.

  6. I have delayed responding to your post inasmuch as I have consulted with my barrister (Rumpole of the Bailey) and will see you soon before the Queen's Bench, which I assure you, is not in West Hollywood.

    Please be governed accordingly.

    The fellow on the left is Tim Johnson of Penn State who wears a national championship ring and a Super Bowl Ring (Redskins).

    I was teaching him to windsurf. He was not teaching me to play defensive tackle.