Friday, February 27, 2009

Until Next Week ...

from Jacqueline

My book tour moves on apace, and it has been a busy week. So busy, in fact, that I must once again be on the fly in a short while, and have not been able to compose a proper post - but I'll be back next week with something a bit more interesting to say (I hope).

But one thing before I go - Wednesday was a big Snoopy-dance day for me ....

In fact, it was a full-on flamenco day ....

and might even have looked like one of the last days of disco ...

I found out that my new novel, AMONG THE MAD, has reached the New York Times Bestseller List, in at #9 in the published edition this Sunday, Yaaaaaay!!!!! I am so excited, I hope you will forgive me tooting my own horn. With all those really big important writers on the list, I never thought I stood a chance. Such things are sweet and short, and give cause for celebration.

But there were other terrific things to celebrate this week:

I finally met Our Paulie in the flesh, so to speak, at the wonderful Mystery Bookstore in Westwood - and what a great guy, even walked me to my car. Paulie, you and Jim Born are the most chivalrous blokes I've met in a long time - and friends, we've got 'em here at Naked Authors! Thanks, OP, it was really lovely to meet you.

I managed to use my collected air miles to upgrade to first class on my flight to Chicago this coming Sunday - oh, deep, deep joy.

I've had a really wonderful two weeks of book tour (flying aside), and as always, the welcome from booksellers and readers has been just terrific. Makes up for the jet-lag ten thousand fold. Thank you, all, for being so wonderful- couldn't do any of it without you.

And when I flew into the Bay Area - getting in really late on Wednesday night, due to an airplane that went "technical" (and you know what that does to me. We were on and off 'planes, back and forth, in and out of our seats for a couple of hours) but when I finally arrived in the Bay Area, hubby and the dog were there to meet me ... priceless.

What are you celebrating this week?

Have a wonderful weekend, all.


  1. Yayyyy, on Among the Mad getting it's much deserved position on the NYT bestseller list, Our J.!! :-D


    I hope to meet you in Cambridge on the 5 March. :-D


  2. from Jacqueline,

    I'm really looking forward to meeting you at last, Marianne. It'll be great!

    And thanks for joining in the Snoopy dance!

  3. Terrific! Number nine on the Times. A well-deserved accolade. Can the other Times (London) be far behind? (I'm assuming publication there shortly).

    I am halfway through "Among the Mad" and I am beginning to think with a British accent. I also have a craving for tea several times a day.

    One happy bloke,

  4. P.S.

    My barrister (Rumpole) has begun legal proceedings against a Mr. James O. Born for his obloquy of the day just past. I shall forthwith see you before the Queens Bench or the Old Bailey, and I don't mean that Irish Cream you slip into your coffee.

    Please be governed accordingly, Sir.

  5. I'm celebrating that you and Rhys Bowen were at the Velma Teague Library last Tuesday. Thank you, again, Jacqueline.

    And, congratulations on Among the Mad making #9. It deserves it! I've been raving about the book. Best Maisie yet.

  6. As my mother would say, I'm tickled pink. Yay for you and Maisie!

  7. fantastic, jackie!!! congrats on your number nine! i'm just reading AMONG THE MAD for the second time and it´s true what paul says about the tea. your research was, as always, marvelous and you take me back to the london i love and miss so dearly.

    have fun on your tour and i hope you keep on climbing up that bestseller list.


  8. oh yeah, and we are celebrating my husbands 60th birthday on sunday.
    i shall have a glas of irn bru on you then

  9. Paulie: current fave tea is Cacao Mint Black (mint and chocolate) as well as English Breakfast. :-D

    But what if Jim retains a QC? That's Queen's Counsel to the uninformed, and they're like super barrister...


    I've just written in the first appearance of my murderer in my novel and now have to go do some research on QCs. We have them in Australia, too - we being a colony and all.

    Loved Among the Mad. Intrigue abounds. Maisie's role reminds me marginally of an episode from the 70s tv series 'The Professionals' where an elderly lady with a mind like a steel trap worked a puzzle board to find the traitor they were looking for - in the same way she did during WWII Intelligence.

    Great work, Our J. :-D
    Looking forward to meeting you too. :-)


  10. from Jacqueline

    Paulie, I think you're a worthy successor to Rumpole, you just need to fatten up a bit and develop a bit of a paunch - a few single malts might do the trick.

    And thank you, all for your comments and congrats - been a pretty good week all round.

    Tickled Pink and Irn Bru, all in one day ...

  11. Congratulations on the NYTimes best seller list.

    Speed Limit

    "The empty half of the glass is always at the top"

  12. Congratulations on your wonderful week! I adore Maisie and can't wait to read Among the Mad.
    I'm celebrating that my upcoming release, Cast the First Stone, has now gotten 2 nice reviews: one from Armchairinterviews. com and one from Kirkus.

  13. Congrats on the NYT list!

    Picked up your new book at a NorCal reading. The best ever. Thanks for the fab read!