Monday, February 02, 2009

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the blogosphere…

The Nakeds are baaaaack!!!!!!

Patty here…

In honor of Groundhog Day, we Naked Authors emerged from our writerly burrow and decided to blog again.

Since we were last together:
  • The economy took a nose dive.
  • We elected a new president.
  • I read/reread some great books, including Water for Elephants, The Mermaid’s Chair, Rebecca, Wuthering Heights, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, California Fire and Life, The Dawn Patrol, and The Winter of Frankie Machine (Lately I've been on a serious Don Winslow jag.)
  • I thought a lot about literature and life and once again realize the best thing about my writing career is the people I’ve met and the friends I've made.
  • I hung out at out at the library with a few of those friends.

    Naomi Hirahara, Paul Levine, me, Bobby McCue, manager of The Mystery Bookstore, and Harley Jane Kozak

  • James O. Born did a hero-y rescue thingie that I hope he’ll tell you about. He made us Nakeds proud. He also has a new book due out May 26, 2009 from Tor titled The Human Disguise. Let me be the first to tell you that James-O has a secret life as a science fiction writer who goes by the nom de plume James O'Neal. He claims he is both a dedicated crime writer of German decent and a drunken Irish science fiction writer. Can’t decide which personality I like better. I've ordered a copy of the book, hoping it will provide insight into Dissociative Identity Disorders.

  • Paul Levine has a new pastime—chef—and in his pursuit of Emerildom, he told me he has learned to do amazing things with olive oil but—eh-hem—we won’t go there. Paul’s new book is Illegal, set for release in hardcover on March 24, 2009. This book marks the beginning of a new series and it’s going to blow your socks off (in a good way).

  • Cornelia Read is working on her next masterpiece, so while she dwells in deadline hell, she will post on Saturdays. We've all resided in that dark cave, so let's cheer her on. GO CORNELIA!!!!

  • In October, Jacqueline Winspear and I were on the faculty of the Surrey International Writers’ Conference in British Columbia, which made the experience serious fun. Her next book is Among the Mad, set for release on February 17, 2009. Already I know, it is going to be another NYT bestseller.

  • The latest news on the Naked Authors front is New York Times bestselling author Ridley Pearson has joined our merry band of Nakeds, causing us all to do a spontaneous Snoopy dance. Ridley is a friend of Paulie’s but he made us promise not to hold that against him. He will post on Wednesdays.

Ridley hardly needs an introduction but here are just a few reasons why we love him.

He writes great books.

He looks good in a 'stache.

The guy can rock and roll.

At 19, on tour with his band.

Ridley and “The Rock Bottom Remainders”
with fellow band members Stephen King, Amy Tan, Dave Barry, Mitch Albom, Scott Turow, Greg Isles, and Roy Blount, Jr.

Ridley performing on the Late Late Show

His next book is Killer Summer, due out 6/30/09.

Welcome Ridley!!!

Welcome everybody!!! It’s great to be back.


  1. I was just sitting here, watching yesterday's Budweiser commercials on YouTube (it's those Clydesdales, I cry every time ...) and suddenly remembered, "We're Baaack!" and fled (technologically speaking) to to your post, Patty. And not for the first time, I am thinking to myself, "And I'm one of them!" - which means that by some fluke of fate I managed to get mixed up with a great band of writers here in the blogosphere. If you want to know how I feel - sort of like Hank:

    I made it into a great team - and thanks for having me back! Looking forward so much to this week and checking in with fellow Nakeds and hearing from our readers again.

    Happy New Year!

  2. I didn't always like racing to post a blog but now I remember how much I liked reading everyone else's posts.

    Thanks for the plug on The Human Disguise, Patty. In these times I'll need all the help I can get.


  3. I missed the game AND the commercials yesterday because I was working on my roof. Great to be back with youz guys.

  4. Wow, Patty.

    Thanks for bringing everyone up-to-date. That's an even better summary than the Cliff's Notes version of "Crime & Punishment," which of course, I DID not read in lit class.

    And a great big howdy to the multi-talented, gregarious, and ambidextrous Ridley Pearson.

    2009 will be filled with chills, thrills, and spills (Jim Born's liquid refreshments).

    Okay, Ridley. Let's rock and bowl.


  5. YES! YES! YES! YES!

    I missed youse guys (wandering off to wipe the happy tear from my eye).

    And Our J--Fab Photo!

    No, seriously, I don't hang out here for all the gorgeous babes...

  6. Welcome baaaack you guys!!!! Happy, happy Snoopey dance and Dark and Stormies all round. :-D I've missed you something fierce...

    So, lots of new books to look forward to. :-D

    Since the beginning of the hiatus I have:
    - attended my first mystery convention - Bouchercon in Baltimore - and met Patty and Jim, and Jim wasn't even wearing his nametag when I introduced myself. :-)
    - have been contracted to write about ice age america in poetic majesty, while my dear hubby paints massive amounts of art for it. :-D
    - and have been hard at work on my mystery novel. :-D
    - and have cheered a Presidential Inauguration for the very first time. :-)

    Cheers and hugs,

  7. And just as a matter of degrees of separation: my hubby has been contracted to paint piece of artwork for Stephen King's 'It'for a collector's edition. He's really chuffed that Stephen knows who he is. :-D


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  9. I think we should all be back-up singers at Ridley's next gig. Just in case, I'm going to a few thrift shops in the area to look for go-go boots.

    Marianne, it was great to hang out with you at Bcon. Jeff, yes tears. Paulie, what? No mention of olive oil...

  10. Welcome back, Nakeds. My best to you all.

  11. Welcome back, everyone! It's going to be good to follow you again. Jacqueline - I cry over all of those Budweiser Clydesdale commercials as well. This time, it was the immigration story that did me in. Good luck, Cornelia. We're waiting!

  12. Hey, Gerald and Lesa. Thanks for stopping by. Hope Jeff didn't see the Clydesdales. He's already misty-eyed.

  13. Welcome back! Now, perhaps you can explain to me why the naked authors all have clothes on in their photos.

  14. "Hope Jeff didn't see the Clydesdales. He's already misty-eyed."

    Well, I am considering breaking out of my stall and chasing the circus. Suppose the whte mare does the Snoopy Dance?

  15. Sandra, only very special people see our clothes. To the average folks we are just plain Naked.

    Jeff, you so funny.

  16. Hmmm, good to see you back, and just in time to separate me from some of my hard-earned cash for some reading. Where should I start first? A show of hands, please!

  17. Yay!

    So glad you're back!

  18. Mark, so many books but so much pleasure. Buy them all.

    Rae!!!!! So glad to hear from you.

  19. Great to have y'all back!

  20. Debby J, great to have YOU back, too.

  21. At last! I was beginning to think my notify thingy was broken. It's wonderful to have you all back and even more so with the addition of Ridley to the Naked ranks. And, gee, not only are you folks great writers, you even share my passion for the mighty Clydesdales. It doesn't get any sweeter than this.

  22. Dee, so sorry we made you worry about your notify thingie. We'll do better for now on :O)

  23. Thank you for coming back. It brings some warmth to my cave. You are a great group.

  24. Ted!!!!!

    Glad we could throw you a blanket. Great to hear from you.