Wednesday, June 11, 2008

All Is Vanity (or would have been, if Blogger weren't refusing to upload images)

By Cornelia Read

I have all these vanity plate photos to upload, in answer to Paul's "TWAT" plate of yesterday. Unfortunately, Blogger is in the Bahamas at the moment.

In the meantime, here is a small primate picker-upper from my Close Personal Friend™ Daisy's blog, with a second-hand hat tip to Smart Bitches, Trashy Novels, where she first found it:

This is a good video to watch when you get nearly to the end of the manuscript of your third novel, and suddenly discover that it is a Stinking Pile of Unreadable Crap™

Update: Blogger is apparently in the Caymans now, and still won't upload images.


  1. For my book, our local library abandoned the Dewey Decimal system and filed it in a section by itself labeled, "Stinking Pile of Unreadable Crap."

    Which I am certain your 3rd ms is not part of that section.

  2. Did you trade mark that?



  3. my husband just heard me giggle when i was watching the song. he came over and started to laugh so loud that i couldn´t hear the words any more - and he has a fine scottish sense of humour!

    love it to bits!


  4. Well I'll be a monkey's uncle! One of those "guys" looked exactly like MY mom....

    She can't upload images any better than your "server." Then again, Mom still uses a Sholes & Glidden Type Writer.


  5. Stinking Pile of Unreadable Crap? I think not. Marmocet there'd be days like this...

  6. I think it's a rule that any writing project you actually care about has to go through this transubstantiation phase where it goes from "brilliance" to "pure├ęd goat shit" to "good enough to get the agent off my back" to "well, my friends are polite enough to say nice things about it whenever I am within earshot."

    I currently seem to have a logjam of projects at Stage 2 in this progression.

    And how is Riegert, BTW? Bastard.

  7. All is forgiven with Riegert, actually. And thank you, Brett...

    xx C