Wednesday, June 11, 2008

All Is Vanity (or would have been, if Blogger weren't refusing to upload images)

By Cornelia Read

I have all these vanity plate photos to upload, in answer to Paul's "TWAT" plate of yesterday. Unfortunately, Blogger is in the Bahamas at the moment.

In the meantime, here is a small primate picker-upper from my Close Personal Friend™ Daisy's blog, with a second-hand hat tip to Smart Bitches, Trashy Novels, where she first found it:

This is a good video to watch when you get nearly to the end of the manuscript of your third novel, and suddenly discover that it is a Stinking Pile of Unreadable Crap™

Update: Blogger is apparently in the Caymans now, and still won't upload images.


  1. For my book, our local library abandoned the Dewey Decimal system and filed it in a section by itself labeled, "Stinking Pile of Unreadable Crap."

    Which I am certain your 3rd ms is not part of that section.

  2. James O. Born6/11/2008 12:09 PM

    Did you trade mark that?



  3. my husband just heard me giggle when i was watching the song. he came over and started to laugh so loud that i couldn´t hear the words any more - and he has a fine scottish sense of humour!

    love it to bits!


  4. Well I'll be a monkey's uncle! One of those "guys" looked exactly like MY mom....

    She can't upload images any better than your "server." Then again, Mom still uses a Sholes & Glidden Type Writer.


  5. patty smiley6/11/2008 7:30 PM

    Stinking Pile of Unreadable Crap? I think not. Marmocet there'd be days like this...

  6. I think it's a rule that any writing project you actually care about has to go through this transubstantiation phase where it goes from "brilliance" to "pureéd goat shit" to "good enough to get the agent off my back" to "well, my friends are polite enough to say nice things about it whenever I am within earshot."

    I currently seem to have a logjam of projects at Stage 2 in this progression.

    And how is Riegert, BTW? Bastard.

  7. All is forgiven with Riegert, actually. And thank you, Brett...

    xx C