Thursday, April 10, 2008

Too many Blogs?

James O. Born

Even your dog has a blog

That’s the sentence I read on my condensed headlines over my cell phone a few weeks ago. The story went on to say that a Golden Retriever had a blog written by his owner. It chronicled his visits to the park and activities like chasing a ball.

I read quite a few blogs and won’t mention them because I always leave someone off the list and hear about it. But it’s part of my day. Usually I do it for a laugh. I don’t depend on Jeff Shelby at First Offenders to give me the headlines of the day. That’s what Brian Williams is for. I want Shelby to point out a stupid video , like this one (Still my favorite), tell a joke or talk about what he’s writing. It’s the same way on most the blogs I read. I know the writer and this is a way to catch up.

I like Naked Authors because of the other writers and it is a one day a week commitment. I’ve only missed one or two weeks for various reasons and don’t find it too taxing overall. But is the internet too saturated with blogs? Of course it is. How do we sift through them all? I don’t. I hit a few.

Now here’s my question: Why do you come to this particular blog? The contributors are diverse in our novels. We hold generally the same world and social views most of the time but certainly Paul’s sense of humor is different that Jackie’s. Cornelia’s imaginative use of graphics and her take of things are more in depth than mine. Patty’s view of California and varied topics strike a different tone than Paul’s occasionally, self described “rants”.

Why tune in?

I like writing the blog entries because I feel like I’m chatting with a big group of friends at once but it is certainly not a private conversation. I’ve seen enough comments by people who don’t understand each writer’s perspective as they have established it during the course f the year.

Let’s hear from everyone on this. Why do you come to Naked Authors or any blog? What’s the attraction? Are you getting stretched too thin?


  1. Every time I Google "Jim Born naked" it brings me here.

    So far it's been a big disappointment.

  2. I'm like david in that I expect nudity when I come here. However, it is Patricia, Jackie and Cornelia that disappoint me by remaining clothed. Seriously, I'm a writer and enjoy the comments about writing.
    Bob Liter

  3. *sigh* Bob beat me to it.

    Er, I mean, the part about being a writer (yeah, that's it) and enjoying the comments. Though of course I still have to put "wannabe" before the "writer" part, this poverty-stricken wannabe gathers some encouragement here.

  4. I'm new to blogs. I find this one interesting because i like when writers share how they go about their jobs. Since I could never be a writer, I think thats fascinating!

  5. I read far fewer blogs now than I used to, just because of time, but I always stop by and get naked. It's all about good, sometimes challenging, but always entertaining writing.

    You guys are among the few I read almost every day.

  6. I read this blog because my teammates are fabulous writers and fascinating human beings...and because James O made me sign a secret covenant, swearing, for the sake of aesthetics, that I'd NEVER get naked on this blog.

  7. I visit this blog regularly because, you are a fun, talented bunch of human beings, and I enjoy your take on life. :-D I got here because of Our J., and ended creating blogs for my husband and myself.

    I only visit a couple of blogs daily, and Nekkid Awfurs is one; Lipstick Chronicles is second, and a private blog by a friend in Australia is third, closely followed by a fellow artist's blog called Middle of Nowhere from the Cotswolds in England. Everyone else is sporadic...

    If I like the diverse subjects, the 'voice' of a particular person or posts, I return to read, cry or giggle at each entry. And sometimes I comment. I like the commentors just as much as the posters. :-D


    PS: I'm a bit behind, but I'm now catching up with my book reviews. I just posted a review of Wendy Roberts new 'Remains of the Dead' novel on my Muse du Jour blog for those interested. :-D

  8. Errrr... Jim.... please say the brunette who asked you about blogging last Saturday in Naples is what inspired you to write this post.....

    You can read more about our Naked blog host here:

    Jim, looks like I'll be seeing you at Mystery Florida. Rumor has it you'll be packing heat.

    I'm gonna start a pet blog about my many cats and call it "Pussies Galore." Think I'll get any hits? lol

  9. My first visit here. This was a link on Josephine Damien's blog that I check out every so often.

    I like to read tidbits from the "experts".

    Definitely agree that blogging shouldn't cut into writing time.

  10. I like writing the blog entries because I feel like I’m chatting with a big group of friends at once but it is certainly not a private conversation.

    This is my reason as well. It's like hanging out in the bar at a convention. Sure you're mostly chatting with friends, but anyone can happen by and get drawn into the conversation.

  11. I read this blog because I find it entertaining, interesting, and humorous. It's also pointed me towards other blogs that I have found interesting to read. I have found new authors and new books to read though blogs that feature authors. And I'm always on the hunt for something new to read. Don't think I'd read a blog written by a "dog." I'd probably be jealous because the dog leads a more interesting life than I do!

  12. Go-Lo....I assume that secret covenant applies only to the blog......and I can't imagine Jim ever asking you make such a promise which is based on a ridiculous premise----aesthetics and your nakedness are incongruent.


  13. Welllllll, now, Jim, let me say this about that: I met Patty way back when she came to MTDF to sign her first book. I was smitten. Then she came to T.O. Borders for a panel, and I followed her there. She's witty, gracious, and a heckuva writer. In an e-mail she asked me if I read blogs, that she was thinking of starting one. I told her that I didn't (I didn't even know what a "blog" was). Later, when she started this up with the stellar line-up she has (and I had met Our J, and Paul and finally Cornelia, and then you later--after the fact), she asked me to give it a try. I did. I stayed.
    I met another friend of Patty's, Louise Ure, when she came to MTDF to sign her first book. We became friends, and when she joined "Murderati," she asked me to give it a try. I did. I stayed.
    I hope no one else asks me to read another blog. My addictive personality would soon have me reading nothing but blogs because you damn authors are so damn fascinating. I want to read your books, not blogs!
    Satisfied now, Jim?

    Tom, T.O.

  14. A blog by a dog? Ridiculous.

  15. I like the people, I like the good manners, and I agree with what's already been said: it's like hanging out with pals in a bar, having a great conversation. Except I don't wake up with a hangover ;-)

  16. ......and I can't imagine Jim ever asking you make such a promise which is based on a ridiculous premise----aesthetics and your nakedness are incongruent.

    No, no, no, no, Jon. Patty's nakedness and a lack of aesthetics would be the incongruence...

  17. I'm not sure how I got here, probably followed a link somewhere and I stay because of the variety and the support y'all show for one another

    I usually read on my rss feed and only click through when I think something is going to cause many comments

  18. Jeff, sorry my sarcasm didn't come through loudly enough...WE are saying the same thing.....the inference from such a promise would be that Go-Lo [naked] would not be aesthetics pleasing...which WE both "know" to be balderdash....Go-Lo's pleasing either clothed or not.

  19. I originally came here for Cornelia, but I enjoy reading all of you now. Because I rarely stop by more than once a week, it's nice that I catch up on the entire week without feeling overload on one person's life or perspective.

    I'm an "old" blogger, in that I've been blogging consistently for over three years (when I started there were about 1 million blogs--last I heard that number was in the 20 million range). Even so, I don't read many other blogs, except those of friends' of mine. Not enough time to write myself, do my paid writing, take care of kids, etc., etc., and read lots of blogs.

  20. i came here for jackie and i stayed for all of you. there is such a wonderful bond between you and variety of topics you touch sometimes make my mind boggle. this is the only blog i read because there is just not enough time to read more because we are now a one-pc-family since our youngest moved out and took the laptop with her. so now there is always a queue for this one.

    i hope you never stop giving me something to think about every day.


    and where is jackie when you need her? stuck at heathrow?

  21. Blogs... like walking around one's neighborhood of choice. Find ones you like and you've a filter to the Internet's deluge. See favorites and also unexpected things. Like the neighbor who always plants tulips. The barking dog on a couch behind a window... A chance encounter with a friendly person just to shoot the breeze together. Something different and alive all the time.

  22. I got here originally, I think, through links from Tess Gerritson's blog. I'm a writer without a writing group. Since I'm a social creature,
    I find myself prowling the internet for some contact with the "real" world of fiction writers. I like checking in with this group; diverse voices, good questions, invitations to participate, genuine supportive atmosphere.

  23. I keep coming back because each time there's some quirky little fact/post that has me chuckling or saying 'Hmm' (either of which is inspiring). I agree with Rae about 'hanging out with pals at a bar'. As for the time it takes to read blogs? I use blog reading as my 'reward' for achieving my daily goals - either wordcount or editing. Unless I reach 'em I don't allow myself to read my favorites. I had to do that or else I'd get nothing done. But I notice a lot of authors are slowing down their blogging to one or two posts a week, or sometimes a month.

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