Thursday, April 24, 2008

Good Books by Good People

James O. Born

I have a few friends with books coming out or just released that I’d like to mention on the blog today.

Julia Spencer-Fleming’s I Shall Not Want is due out June 10th from St. Martins. I like Julia’s unusual protagonist, Episcopal Priest Clare Fergusson and the setting, Millers Kill, New York. This novel concerns the migrant community where Claire is involved.

I like Julia and her books. This is one to look forward to.

Another friend who happens to be published by St Martins is Jim Sheehan, whose Law of Second Chances is a great legal thriller with a number of other elements. I love the death row races but this one has a style all it’s own. I liked it a lot.

I attended his book signing at Murder on the Beach in Delray Beach last week and found his talk interesting, intelligent and compelling. A lot like his book.

He’ll be visiting California this weekend. On Sunday he’ll be on a panel at 1:00Pm with John Lescroat and Catherine Coulter. Is she related to Ann? Drop by and see him if you get the chance.

Our own Patricia Smiley’s Cool Cache is due June 8th. This time out Tucker Sinclair gets involved in murder at a chocolate shop. Patty never disappoints and as always she gets great covers.

Also in June, my friends W.E.B. Griffin and Bill Butterworth IV add another book in the great Honor Bound series. Death and Honor continues the story of the OSS in World War II. Argentina, Nazis, spies and family issues, what else do you want in a book?

I try to read in every area, it just happens that many of my friends are crime writers. I could tell you about the alternative history I just read. 1901 by Robert Conroy was a lot of fun about a German invasion of New York in 1901. I love that kind of stuff. Harry Turtledove is the king of this genre.

What about you guys? Any books coming out that interest you?


  1. Can't wait for Patty's latest, and I loved Jim Sheehan's book. Great to know he'll be in LA this weekend. It's going to be quite a gang down there!

  2. Seven For A Secret by Mary Reed and Eric Mayer. Historical mystery featuring John, Grand Chancellor to Emperor Justinian in 6th Century Constantinople.

  3. I'm looking forward to Patty's new book too. :-D Some of those others look interesting too...

    And yes, Harry Turtledove writes a damn good novel. We had Thanksgiving at his house many years ago, and often see him and his family around the convention circuit. My husband painted a series of covers for him, for the series that used dragons in alternative history warfare. The title escapes me right now.

    Harry, Laura, and the girls are all so smart it makes your hair hurt. :-D


  4. Ah, you guys are so sweet. I'm waaaay behind on my reading. Unlike Nicky/Cornelia, the space in my brain seems to be diminishing. I can't remember when my friends' books come out unless they tell me...again and again and again. So, Paulie, when is your next tome coming out?

  5. Greetings,
    Just a note to let you know we've put your blog on the blogroll of our Off The Page.

    If you could reciprocate, we'd be very grateful.

    Howard Goodman
    blogs editor
    South Florida Sun-Sentinel

  6. Howard, thank you for reading us! We love your blog and have had it linked to our site since you began posting.

  7. I just started John Connolly's new one, Reapers, that comes out fairly soon. It's mostly about Angel and Louis rather than Charlie -- although he's integral, I understand -- and so far it's horrifically beautiful. If that makes any sense.