Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ten Things That Make Me Happy

By Cornelia

1. Chris Rock's advice about how not to get your ass kicked by the police.

2. The best essay I have EVER read on book deals...

Why the term "A Nice Deal" leaves a little to be desired in terms of being an accurate categorization

3. B Kliban's extremely noir cats

4. Colonel Kilgore of the Air Cav

5. Cool Baby Clothes

6. Le Roi et mort, vive le Roi part I

7. Andy Riley's The Book of Bunny Suicides

8. Murray and Nick playing "their song" in A Thousand Clowns

9. Margaux Lange's dismembered Barbie Jewelry

10. Monty Python: The Lego Years

11. Free online readings from Salem Tarot

And the Hollywood Tarot

12. What Have The Romans Ever Done for Us?

13. The rapidity with which Eliot-Spitzer-themed apparel has come on the market

14. Photographs from Steichen's The Family of Man exhibition

15. Remembering hanging out with Bill Fassett over Ambrosiaburgers at Nepenthe, back in the good old days when people still danced in the daylight.

Bill's portrait by Shell Fisher

The Nepenthe Phoenix, my possible future tattoo

16. T-shirts for cranky smart people

17. My new favorite bumper sticker, spotted today on the back of a pickup in Berkeley

18. Le Roi et mort, vive le Roi part II

Yeah, that's eight more than ten. Go figure.

What makes you happy?


  1. This thought... seven more days til Spring Vacation!

  2. Love that "Viva la evolucion" t-shirt. Do you remember where you found it?

    Another of my favorites: "Homeland Security" tee from Northern Sun. http://www.northernsun.com/n/s/1977B.

  3. Dusty beat me to it.

    Miss C, your posts always brighten my day.

    Thank you.

  4. What Dusty said ;-)

  5. Perfect.
    The cat between the knife and magnet store is my new favorite.

    YOu have good taste.


  6. Oh, I LOVE the Family of Man. I have a dog-earred copy from yon years of yore. Great post, Ms. C.


  7. Oh, I just love this post, Miss. C. And I had to watch the Lego Pythons. I used to have the one where the little Lego Pythons were singing "We're knights of the Round Table..." book marked. Love the Lego screening room - some people have way too much time on their hands. :-D

    Ditto the Evolucion t-shirt and the bunny between the knife store and the magnet store. Mind you, the bunny 'death by dvd player' is just plain spooky. :-D


  8. Glad you guys liked these!

    Paulie, the "evolucion" t-shirt is from Busted Tees, at:


    Patty, I just found out that there's a permanent exhibition of the last set of original Family of Man prints in Luxembourg, which I really want to see someday. It's in Clervaux. Never thought I'd have a reason to go to L'burg...

  9. You and your posts make me happy! I have always loved Kilgore's cats & the Book of Bunny Suicides is most excellent!

    Client 9 Must Resign (and PS wtf is wrong with the wife????) "hello, Raoul Felder please....."

  10. Sleep.

    The fact that one of your Barbie eyes in your necklace winked at me proves I'm not getting enough of it.

    (So does the structure of the above sentence.)

  11. 1) Seeing stupid people bring harm and shame unto themselves

    2) beer

    3) 1) w/ 2)

    4) Victory (Kilgore knows.)

    5) 1) w/ 2) w/ 4)

    6) a well-turned battle or halftime speech

    7) the sound of a Merlin engine on low fast fly-by

    8) post-game soreness ("pain is proof of life")

    9) jalapeƱos on top of pretty much anything edible

    10) all of the above, rolled together into a tortilla

  12. Okay, Brett:

    #7 just brought a big smile to my face, and a few goose-bumps...


  13. For Marianne and other Merlin-heads:



  14. Ooh! Spitfire flyby. Hoowaah is RIGHT! Very cool. Ta, Brett.

    We watched the documentary about the life of the English Royal family - behind the scenes - and they showed a vintage RAF plane flyby. Brought huge smiles to our faces. :-D I'm exRAAF and just love the vintage propeller planes. Been up in one fighter jet - never, ever, ever, again. Urp.


  15. I loved them all, of course I did, and you too, but oh...A Thousand Clowns! I can't begin to tell you how much that simple little clip affected me. Thank you.

  16. Maple bacon lollipops. Er, I think.

    Squishy animals at squishables.com

    Two hour long conversations about books, life, the universe at a convention.

    Massage given by a talented masseuse.

    getting flowers for no reason (ok, getting them for yourself counts because they simply make chez roscoe look better)

    butterscotch bread pudding with ice cream and caramel sauce from "Osteria Marco" in Denver

    Discovering a new author who writes brilliantly

    people who fight back against rudeness, stupidity and those who would fuck up the planet, the country, the neighborhood

    That Pete Seeger documentary I just watched on PBS


    the baby gorilla at the Woodland Park Zoo (she needs a name)