Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Team Naked Gets Noticed

Howdy from Paul

Today's Christian Science Monitor has this item in its "Readers' Picks."

My first Maisie Dobbs mystery was discovered on a used-book shelf. What a find! Maisie is a young English detective working in London, in the aftermath of World War I. Along with her intriguing mystery plots, British author Jacqueline Winspear tells another story: what daily life has become for the ordinary people who survived the Great War. I just finished An Incomplete Revenge. I had to read it straight through. - Alice McDonald, Boulder, Colo.

Maureen Corrigan gave Cornelia's "The Crazy School" a glowing review in the Washington Post. I love this line: "Madeline's edgy narrative voice lingers long after the last scream has been scrum."

Mystery maven Oline Cogdill recently had nice things to say about the Naked Authors in her Sun-Sentinel blog. She also singled out Jim Born's appearance at Sleuthfest.

"Born also is a natural comedian who can’t resist a joke, a jab or a josh. But there is nothing funny about the information he gives about weapons, vital for any mystery writer, or his attention to safety. He has no less than four law enforcement professionals to help him, triple check the weapons and also to guard them."

On an even more positive note, Jim didn't shoot anyone.



  1. from Jacqueline

    Well, Our Paul, you've certainly been vigilant - and thank you for this post. Congrats to Cornelia for the Washington Post review, and to Our Man Born - the born comedian! (Sounds like the next episode in a series - The Born Comedian).

    Following the last comment from "Anonymous" (but I know who she is) in Patty's column yesterday, along with the Miami Herald piece, the fact that I am being asked about Naked Authors wherever I go on this tour, and your column today, perhaps it's time to float The Naked Authors Bus and Mystery Tour again. As long as the Born Comedian is on board, and Miss C is Head of Cocktails and Beverages. Patty - you drive, and Paul, you can be in charge of PR and Necessary Political Commentary. James should be there too, perhaps as the calming hand of reason. I'll just sit there and stare into space.

    OK, so it's been a long tour (I'm currently in Memphis,Tennessee, on the way to St. Louis, Missouri in an hour or so), if you are wondering about my brain this morning ....

  2. Rock on, Team Naked ;-)

  3. Our J is definitely our spiritual leader and shrink (I need one after yesterday). What glorious fun a bus trip would be. Maybe we should start thinking caravan...

    Congrats to Our J, James O, and Ms. C for all the well-deserved attention. It makes your driver proud.

  4. Congratulations, all. And if there's ever a "team Naked" T-shirt, save me one.

  5. "On an even more positive note, Jim didn't shoot anyone."

    He's probably waiting for Bouchercon. Thinking big, y'know?

  6. You forgot the last word in the last sentence.



  7. Mr. Born's comment reminds me of the exchange between Billy Crystal and Jack Palance in "City Slickers."

    "Hi, Curly. Kill anyone today?"

    "Day ain't over yet..."

  8. I should make a comment, but I'm still laughing too hard at "James should be there too, perhaps as the calming hand of reason."

    Thank you, Paulie!

  9. Sign me up for a Team Naked T-shirt.

    And Born didn't shoot anyone. That you know of.

    He's sneaky, that Born, and when he says he's going out running, he's actually popping winos.

    His laughter at dawn is a truly frightening sound.

    (I am so behind in my reading. sigh)

  10. I agree that this group is on a roll. You're all invited to Wellington Leg a towne devoted to all things literary. Sure, there's talk of abalone entrails, baseball, but it's all about books.

  11. I'm still voting for the Naked Authors calendar. Ballcaps, too--the Hollywood types would love 'em.