Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pollyanna Paul Sits This One Out

From Pollyanna Paul

The State of the Union:

The economy is in the toilet; the states and cities are going broke; bankruptcy lawyers are getting rich; the coming wave of unemployment and homelessness will reach dimensions unseen since the 1930's; to many Americans, the most important issue is teaching "creationism" in public schools; the president dances a soft shoe; thirteen per cent of the citizenry think Barack Obama is a Muslim (with many believing Louis Farrakhan is his spiritual advisor); only six per cent of Americans say they are following the Iraq War closely; the Pentagon's own intelligence analysis reveals the lies and deceptions of the Bush/Cheyney/Rumsfeld/Rice crowd; the War's actual long-term cost will exceed two trillion dollars; there are otherwise sane, intelligent people who believe a wire fence will stop illegal immigration; and Roger Clemens is a perjurer.

Add the fact that I am popping Effexor from a Pez dispenser...and you expect me to be funny?

That's all folks. Scroll down and catch Patty's post yesterday. It's really good.



  1. I was a little down this morning. Now I feel much better.


  2. It's not creationism that they want to teach, it's Intelligent Design. Ooops...that's the same thing isn't it. Going to look at Patty's pics of men aging gracefully again.

  3. psst. Paul...why did you think that the Founding Fathers set up an Electoral College?

    And it might be what people don't know about Obama that's important. Do you really think that Jimmy Carter would have been elected had they taken the wraps off brother Billy before the election?

    Now, doesn't that make you feel much better?

  4. An odd note from yesterday's financial shenanigans to add to your upside down list:

    The NY Yankees paid more for A-Rod than JP Morgan paid for all of Bear Stearns yesterday.

  5. Louise, the Louisiana Purchase and Seward's Folly were made for a grand total of about $30.5 million. Toss in the handful of beads for the Manhattan Purchase, and A-Rod is bigger than most of these United States.

  6. Just a thought...

    As A-Rod is actually compensated as part of the entertainment industry, and considering this is something of a writer's den, perhaps it would be more pertinent (as well as heartening) to ponder just how much moolah J.K. Rowling has made in the same venue as a result of her writing. Not only books, but the movies, product licensing, and an under construction amusement park in Florida. Any rough estimates by our resident MBA?

    And, is this a goal to shoot for?

  7. Paulie, even when you're not feeling funny, you're still funny.

  8. Ai, chingau. Someone pass me that bottle.

  9. Other than that, Paul, how's it going?

    Tom, T.O.

  10. I'm boarding The Good Ship Lolipop along with the Tidy Bowl Man and his Calipso Band. My broker from Bear Sterns has assured me not to worry and that everything is going to be fine. I'd rather minimize my anxiety about my depression,than be anxious about how well my Prozac is working.Thankfully, I've also managed to pick up a few cases of Xanax filled pez dispensers...just incase.

    Alfred E Newman

  11. The Clemens thing is a good thing, though, right? Because I hate Clemens and seeing him go to jail would make me happy for at least a month.