Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Fear Strikes Out

From Fully Clothed Paul Levine...

I found Hillary Clinton's "It's 3 a.m. and your children are sleeping" commercial pretty disgusting. Fear mongering that would make Karl Rove proud. Strikingly, hubby Bill spoke out against exactly this sort of trash four years ago, telling a rally to vote for the person who offered hope (John Kerry) and not fear (You Know Who).

That's the headline of the story profiling our Cornelia in the new issue of "Mystery Scene" magazine. Here's the lead:

When Cornelia Ludlam Fabyan Read decided to turn to a life of crime fiction, she knew she didn't have to go far to tap into bad behavior. She simply shimmied up her family tree.

From the Colonial-era captain who directed the Pequot tribe massacre of 1637 to the CIA agent who reportedly used Air America to smuggle opium out of Laos during the Vietnam War, "it seemed like the worst incidents in American history were perpetrated by one of my relatives," notes Read, born into the tenth (and last) generation of her mother's family to inhabit tony Centre Island in Oyster Bay, New York.

The magazine posts its reviews on-line, but to read articles in the current issue, you have to buy or subscribe. Hey, why not? They can't give it away. "Mystery Scene" correctly bills itself as "Your Guide to the Best in Mystery, Crime & Suspense."

We here at Naked Scribblers sometimes get visitors who are looking for other websites. Yes, Cornelia...those kind of websites. But some surfers confuse us with an offbeat little Internet niche called Naked Protesters.

In a recent item, Katy, a New York actress, staged a protest outside a Broadway theater. Her story about the business (below the photo) rings true.
"I had a meeting with a casting director from LA. Without a glance at my head shot or resume, and not even a decent introduction, this stranger looks at me, all 5 feet and 2 inches, 125 pounds of me and says, 'You need to lose twenty or gain thirty because where you are right now, I can’t do anything with you.' A bit thrown, but not wanting to be rude, I ask, 'Can you elaborate on that?' To which she replied, 'Your face says ingenue but it wouldn’t quite work, and I can’t put you as fat best friend because you’re not exactly fat.'”

Ah, Hollywood.

Coming soon to Naked Protesters: Jim Born goes topless to protest F.D.L.E. body fat standards.

Revealingly yours,



  1. I don't know what that broad is complaining about. She's fat.

  2. I agree, Rush......she could always play MY fat friend in a movie.

    Isabelle Caro
    Karen Carpenter Modeling Agency

  3. Gee, do you think she'll do a nude scene?

  4. I should be so lucky.

  5. Sometimes, Mr. L., you can be really fun! Thanks for the diversion!

    Tom, T.O.

  6. Fat?!! The girl's scrawny! Somebody sign her up!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. She's not fat, she's pleasingly barely zaftig.

    And thanks for the plug for the Mystery Scene profile, Paul.

    Glad my grandmother wasn't alive. She would've said, "well of COURSE the Devil wears Docksiders. Topsiders are only for God."

  9. Call me crazy but the actress looks prety good to me.


  10. So...are we supposed to guess who made the celebrity comments?

    Hollywood standards are so different from the real world. I'm glad my job is not based on how I look or my weight. I've got better things to occupy my mind.

    I get Mystery Scene magazine and enjoyed reading the article about Cornelia.

  11. Jim, I'll call you crazy but not for that. That's a fine lookin' woman right there.

  12. As a an appreciator of women with meat on their bones, the whole Hollow-wood Stick Insect Starlet scenario is one of my pet peeves - this item just went further to fuel my seething hatred of these arrogant tosses who decide that a particular body shape is 'right'. The irony is that these models and actresses are starving themselves to satisfy industries that are supposedly consumer driven, yet nearly everyone thinks they look disgusting.
    And for the record, I only checked out the 'naked protesters' site for the protests.