Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Eye Candy

By Cornelia

I'm sick of politics and muckraking and primaries. I don't want to hear another word about the State of the Union, or lack thereof.

I don't want to know about the Super Bowl or any kind of sports anymore. And most of all, I am sick to the teeth of this RAIN RAIN RAIN RAIN in Berkeley.

So here is some mindless entertainment for the day. Consider it a palate cleanser. A mental sorbet, if you will.

Old lady or young girl?

Faces? Vases?

How many skulls? Are you sure?

How many people?

How many dolphins? No, I'm not kidding. And young children don't see anything BUT dolphins.

How many faces? If you see fewer than nine, try again.

Where's the baby?

A vision test. If you can't read it, step back from your computer.

Most people see the girl spinning clockwise, at first. If you watch the shadow, she'll start to spin in the other direction after a bit.

Both towers are tilted at the same angle.

A and B are the same color.


Where are these people?

Most Europeans think they're in a room. Most East Africans think they're under a tree, and that one of the women is balancing a box on her head.

Good or evil?

Where's the hidden tiger? This one is REALLY hard.

Have any favorite optical illusions? Give us the URL in the comments.


  1. Love these things. I have all kinds of optical illusion books.

    Nice change too.


  2. Dolphins?!! I have to admit that I gave up on the tiger...

  3. http://bp2.blogger.com/_cxmptAPYR-s/R5fTU042qpI/AAAAAAAAB8g/ip_bszvBEHE/s1600-h/celebs-money-illusion22.jpg
    These are kindof funny.....


  4. Yeah, the tiger, is there really another one in there?

    I'm on pain meds, they must be affecting my eyes big time, because I couldn't make sense of most of those which really stinks because I usually love optical illusions.

    I hadn't seen that version of the young girl/old woman before-I think I like it better than the more frequently used one. This one doesn't seem as obvious, at least not to me.

  5. I think I have to go lie down now.

  6. Does everybody know about the FED EX logo?

  7. Cornelia, you old brain teaser, you made me dizzy.

    I don't know about the FedEx logo.

    But the Big Ten logo purposely is inset with Big 11, to reflect the addition of Penn State without changing the conference name.

  8. Fun, fun, fun!

    And I think I found the tiger.....


  9. P.S. I don't know about the FedEx logo either...what up?


  10. Ooooo! Tell about the Fed Ex logo!


    Look at the tiger's stripes.

  11. the FedEx (Ex)logo makes an arrow that points "forward" to the right.


  12. I can't believe I found the hidden tiger, and that was BEFORE I read Cornelia's give-away.


    And finally, I saw the dolphins. I prefer the couple.

  13. Ah...finally. The hidden tiger.

    And here I thought we were talking about the lingerie that one conservative Christian ex-girlfriend kept stashed in the bottom of her dresser drawer... :-)

    Umm...no crouching dragon?

  14. Fun post, Cornelia.

    On another note: had bought (and you signed--you were with Lee Child on tour back then) two copies of FIELD.... Read and enjoyed both of them very much, but not distinguish between the two. Is that an illusion? Also bought two copies of ...SCHOOL (well, you DID say your husband lost his job), and enjoyed both of them (damn--you're really good!), but, again, they appeared to be identical....

    I never did see the dolphins.

    Tom, T.O.

  15. Sorry, Miss Cornelia, I have to take issue with you on something you said. Mindless entertainment? I've tried and tried to see those damn dolphins, and my mind actually hurts. Soon I'll have to have a 'mindal lobotomy' which will inevitably lead to me becoming a politician. So, THANKS FOR NOTHING DUDE!!!

    We've got national government elections this year in NZ, which I've delicately commented on in my blog.

  16. "Young children don't see anything BUT dolphins."

    Except for my three-year-old, who saw humans doing ballet.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Karen, that is why I didn't write "try this out on your young child, I bet they don't see any naked people." Though it was sorely tempting. But remember, Archie is smarter than the average bear. Or bare?

    Tom, THANK YOU!!! I tried to make sure all the copies of my books are pretty much alike, but can't promise anything.

  19. I like the baby best. It's so mystical. But where's the tiger?

  20. Do you remember the pictures that looked like random colors, but when you stared at them, there was a picture hidden underneath?

    I stood at a party once and stared and stared and stared. Then my best friend walked past and casually tossed out, "You have to have depth perception to be able to see it, y'know."

    I'm missing the vision in the center of my left eye. I can drive and stuff, but I can't see things like those pictures. I'm told they're no big deal, but darn it, I wish I could see one, just once.

    Kinda like I'd love to be able to see the darned dolphins!

  21. THAT explains why I could never do those stupid magic picture things. I have no depth perception! Also the excuse for my non-existent tennis serve.

  22. I think VERBAL people would be more likely to find the hidden tiger.

    And what does it say about me that the dancing woman spun counterclockwise from the very beginning?

    Still can't find the dolphon.

  23. Can't find the tiger. :S
    Im only 13 but I have REALLY good vision. STILL cant see it. :S
    Apparently my vision isn't as good as i thought. :)

  24. is the hidden tiger a bit of the tree i the backround?

    It's quite hard, and the dolphin one....WHERE ARE THEYY!? haha

  25. Tiger hint: check the stripes...

  26. the one with where are the people;

    the box/window kind of gives it away. the perspective of it makes it look like a window, or a verrr badly drawn box, and judging by the rest of the drawing its a window.