Friday, November 02, 2007

Temporary Glitches

from Jacqueline

Sorry about this, folks, but I'm having some technical issues this morning (mine, not the blogger), so may not be able to post today.

Have decided that Temporary Glitches would make a great book/album title. Ah, here's a quick question for you: What signs, real or made up, do you think would make a great title for a book - or album, or ... whatever. Years ago I lived near a pub called The Royal Oak. One day the landlord decided to have the sign repainted, so it was moved and a board hung in its place with the words, "Temporary Sign" painted in large red letters. Thereafter, that pub was always referred to as The Temporary Sign, as in, "Meet you down The Temporary Sign for a pint!" I don't think it was called The Royal Oak again.

In the meantime, have a really lovely weekend. Now, back to the problem ...


  1. I'd take that ubiquitous traffic sign without punctuation for a book or album title:

    "Slow Children Ahead"

  2. Temporary Glitches, the riveting story of the Glitch family's short-term struggle to revive a neighborhood pub in rural England...

    Okay, I'll stop now.

  3. Patty, you should have gone on, I think you might have something there ...

    And Louise, that is a great title - someone will be using that, if it hasn't been grabbed already.

    The temporary glitch has been lifted now, thank heavens, but I'll save todays post for next week.

  4. I have been trying to out-source my Temporary Glitches to India.

    The problem is that now, all my Glitches seem permanent!

  5. There was a Chinese restaurant in Syracuse called the "Coming Soon." It never opened.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and watch out for that Mercury retrograde.

  6. from Jacqueline

    Outsourcing glitches to India sounds like an idea whose time is well past due - I wish I could have outsourced my little technical issue yesterday. And Miss C, I love the idea of Coming Soon - and I'll have the number 23 with fried rice, please!

  7. Belatedly, I'm going to run with Deer Crossing, but the story is too long to capture in a few comments. However, the title might well be spelled Dear Crossing instead--perhaps that offers a clue.