Wednesday, November 28, 2007


(By) Cornelia Ludlam Fabyan Read, AKA:

A Lonely Barracuda, Inflamed

A Candelabra-Laden Fury Limo

Jacqueline Winspear:

A Jewel's Cannier Quip

Paul Levine:

Elan Live-Up

A Level-I Pun

Patricia Smiley:

A Limiest Piracy

Calamity Is Ripe

Marital Ice Yips

Alias: Pricy Item

Maria Clips Yeti

Icy Tiaras Impel

Malice Is Parity

Say "Miracle Tipi"

James O. Born:

More Banjos

Major Bones

No Smear Job

Jam Sober? No.

Ma Job, Senor.

One's arm job

James Grippando:

Raja Pimped Song

Rajas Mopped Gin

Maiden's Jag Prop

Prepaid Man Jogs

[What is the sound of] Jade Oms, Rapping?

Daring Popes Jam

Maid-Nappers Jog

Jog Amid Nappers

Mad Japing Prose

Dorothy L. Sayers:

Heralds Story, Yo

Agatha Christie:

Aha! Tragic Heist.

Highest Cat Aria

High-Caste Tiara

Case Airtight? Ha!

I Sight A Trachea

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle:

Routs A Chandler Irony

A Charred Surly Notion

A Nuanced Horror Styli

Lee Child:

Iced Hell

Ian Fleming:

Inflame Gin

Minette Walters:

Leanest Term: Wit

Denise Mina:

Idea: Men Sin

Ken Bruen:

Burn Keen

Patricia Cornwell:

Replication Crawl

Will Reprint Cacao

Cranial Clot Wiper

James Patterson:

Raja: Temps Steno

Man Jots Repeats

Edgar Allan Poe:

A Paroled Angel

Lo, Paler Agenda

Parade All Gone

'Ere Gonadal Pal

All-Gored Paean

Wilkie Collins:

Lice Kill Winos

I Coil Inkwells

Charles Dickens:

Lacked Richness

Cinder Shackles

Darkness Cliche

Chanced Less Irk

Dashiell Hammett:

Mashed Hamlet Lit

Death's Mallet, Him

Hated Mall Theism

Halts The Dilemma

Sue Grafton:

Got Unsafer

A Forte: Guns

Guts, No Fear

Erle Stanley Gardner:

Real, Stern, Legendary

Ray Endangers Teller

Patricia Highsmith:

Might Hit Pharisaic

I Might Itch Pariahs

Georges Simenon:

Emerging Nooses

James M. Cain:

Iceman Jams

Ross MacDonald:

Drama's cold son

Okay, and I wasn't going to do any book titles, but this one cracked me up:

The Crazy School:

Lazy Hos Crochet.

So, how does your name anagram? Check out the internet anagram server and let us know what you come up with...


  1. Dread Josh

    Odd Jars, Eh?

    Josher Dad


    Stay Shrouded

    Ad Rushed Toys

    Dads Rusty Hoe

  2. Heh ;-)

    Thermals Whore
    Thermal Shower
    Whalers Mother
    Whaler Thermos
    Hamster Howler

  3. "Shalt Pen Wit"
    Or if that doesn't work out, I can always fall back on my "Whip Talents"

  4. "Major Bones" is the best.

    Up Vile Lane

  5. Idiom Shoe
    Oohed I Mis
    Die Hi Moos
    Side Ooh Mi
    Do Em Hi I So

  6. Use Our Lie.

    Whose new book appears to be "Tearful Teeth."

  7. Terrier One.

    But I loved More Banjos.

  8. My obvious winner was

    Erotica Eek Zillion!

  9. ok-- I am laughing!!
    Barman Gaff The Norm
    Mamba Hag Fern Front
    Bang Hammer Affront
    Barf Anthem Frogman
    Aberrant Gaff Hmm No
    Barman Gaffer Month

    C Rocks, as usual!

  10. At first I thought it was Free Association Day....but wait, it's more than that,it's an Anagram-O-Rama.
    Really like Jim Born's "My job, senor"

    Aragma Amanor
    (concessionaire at the Ali Babba Cavern 17)

    Man Joy On Onus

  11. I would think Terrinore is offended at anything to do with banjos. I loved it.

    I would've had to taken a nap after just one of these.

    You're smart.


  12. Or if that doesn't work out, I can always fall back on my "Whip Talents"

    Lord, give me strength...

  13. Okay i really wasn't going to (in part because when I clicked on the link my computer said there was nothing there) but come on

    "Hashed Cretins" deserves play yes?

    Sedan Hitcher

    Danish Etcher (not this side of the family!)

    If we use "Andrea", my formal name, we get "Heartaches Nerd"


    Cheetah Darners.

    I know, I hate when I have a ripped cheetah too, don't you?

    Among those for Stu are

    Stash Muffin

    and for Stuart

    Satan Muff Shirt

  14. Cheetah Darners, Whaler Thermos, and Whip Talents are my faves, I think.

    I just made my niece Sasha laugh her butt off in the car with "Lazy Hos Crochet."

  15. Omigod! I'm SO laughing out loud.

    Yours truly,

    Calamity is ripe
    (and how incredibly fitting it is)

  16. Patty, your name had the BEST combos! And the most.

  17. Most accurate:
    Dame Jay Sis
    (Because my little brother's name is Jay.)

    Said Jam Yes

    Most Disturbing:
    Jam Says Die

    Story of My Childhood:
    Jay As Dis Me

    I Have No Idea What You're Talking About:
    Jam Ass Dye I