Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Giant Penis Enlivens Booksigning

From Paul

No, this is not a shameless attempt to snag people googling "giant penis." (The word "naked" brings us enough voyeurs, usually from Arab countries). This is the stuff of pure literature. Or, at least, pure book promotion.

My pal, the sly and witty Bill Bryan, recently flogged "Keep It Real," his socko Hollywood satire at the legendary "Book Soup" in West Hollywood. And who showed up? A giant penis, that's who. Click below for the Full Monty and a lesson in how to enliven your next book event.


Catherine the Great, a fun gal, relaxes after ordering the assassination of Ivan VI.

For a friend’s birthday, I recently bought a “time to remember” card from a company called CD Card. The friend's birth year is 1960, and the card contains a CD with hit songs such as Roy Orbison’s “Only the Lonely”
and Elvis Presley's "It's Now or Never."

There are also a series of headlines, depicting news events of the year. Some are pretty innocuous and obviously correct. “The Olympics are held in Rome.”

But take a look at these, as well as my footnotes:

1. “Cuba moves thousands of poor people to modern homes.”

Footnote: Ahem, the homes belonged to other people!

2. “J.F.K., at 43, is the youngest ever President of the U.S.”

Footnote: Elected in 1960, JFK became president in 1961.

3. “Ceylon’s Bandaranaike becomes the world’s first woman leader.”

Footnote: This may come as quite as shock to Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary, Catherine the Great and a host of other royalty, not to mention Queen Latifah.


There really are far too many women rulers to name. But here are two more, and I'm not making them up. Queen Titi of Egypt. And Queen Su-bad of Mesopotamia.

In Sunday's Washington Post, certified funny person Gene Weingarten proposes a way to save newspapers. Read it here.



  1. Patty,
    I like your footnotes.


  2. What an interesting post, Our Paulie - and I liked your footnotes, too.

    Interesting thing, that since the movie, "The Full Monty," in the USA the saying is thought to mean something along the lines of men getting naked. In fact - and this fits in well with your little photo, Paul - it is a saying akin to "the whole nine yards." Having a big breakfast is known as going for the full monty, for example.

    Make of that what you will ....

    I think Boudicca (oh, the mind boggles with quips) would have had something to say about being queen, as would dear Victoria. She would have been far from amused.

  3. Hey, I just realized I'm off by a day. Sorry, Paul. I was travelling yesterday and thought today was Monday.


  4. Thanks for clarifying, Jim. I thought I was hallucinating.

    Very funny video. And a clever promotion tool (so to speak). Why didn't we Nakeds think of it first? Hmmm...

  5. And Patty wins the prize for pun du jour!

    Yowza! Paulie, fun post, but please remind me never to get sued by Donald Trump.