Wednesday, October 03, 2007

10 More Things About Alaska

By Cornelia

1. If you are a cab driver on the night shift in Anchorage, you will not see the sun for about nine months out of the year. I can't quite cotton to the idea that the midnight sun in the middle of the summer makes up for that.

2. Brian Thornton will take requests in karaoke bars, and he is amazingly talented. I say this having seen him perform both "Stairway to Heaven" and "Back in Black" on successive nights at a little place called The Woodshed.

(note: this is NOT Brian performing, above)

3. It is illegal to enter a bar in Alaska if you are already drunk. Even a karaoke bar, which would seem to defeat the purpose of karaoke bars entirely.

I'm just sayin'.

4. You can get SPAM musubi in the Seattle airport. Okay, strictly speaking, that's something I found out on the way TO Alaska, but still....

5. Anchorage is the only city I have ever visited in which citizens hang up large banners beseeching the government to RAISE taxes.

6. Tomatoes sometimes cost $4.00.

7. The Alaska Airlines logo is NOT a tribute to Cesar Chavez.

8. Donder and Blitzen are really yummy.

9. Not only does a store in Wasilla, Alaska, sell more duct tape each year than any other retail outlet in the world, but Anchorage hosts an annual Duct Tape Ball.

10. Alaska Sisters in Crime hosts an amazing Bcon...

Many thanks to all of those who worked so hard to make this event a blast for everyone who attended!


  1. But being a cab driver in Alaska might be a good gig for vampires and the general undead population.

  2. It was really really fun hanging out with you, Rae, Kim, Sara, I didn't see a moose, but encountered plenty of wild life at the bar.

  3. Sounds like fun.

    Now come to Sleuthfest.


  4. It was most excellent hanging out in Anchorage. Still bummed about the moose, though ;-)

  5. If you want to see Mr Moose, you need to bring the Captain [Kangaroo]. Actually the next time you're in Anchorage go to Kincaid Park or Earthquake Park, and you'll have a great chance of seeing a moose....even the U of A campus has moose. Believe me they're BIG....and I mean BIG...

    Of course the chance of seeing a moose at the bar you were at, is much slimmer.....even if it is Glacier Brewhouse on 5th Ave or Moose A'La Mode on K St


  6. Damn- I want to sign up to be an acolyte or Major Domo or travelling assistant! Sounds like you guys have loads 0' fun. BFF Susan says next time in Anchorage be sure to check out the Marx Brothers Cafe. Anything with Spam is revolting!
    Also sounds like you had a profoundly better time than poor Chris McCandless of Into The Wild fame....(bril film BTW) staying in a bus with 10 pounds of rice and starving to death ?? Hmmmm, I've got other plans.

  7. It was great being there--wish all of you guys who weren't there WERE!!

    And if anyone is going to Anchorage any time soon, the food at Sack's restaurant is the best I've had in about twenty years.

  8. That was just like Postcards from Buster for grownups!!!

    And EEEEK! How many suns are there in Alaska???

  9. Cornelia--

    Isn't this most bizarre?

    Hello Kitty as a Spam musubi.

    See you in L.A. in December!

  10. Naomi, that is EXCELLENT! I was just trying to find a URL for the Hello Kitty gun, and found a Hello Kitty crop circle instead...

  11. Note on #2 above: I only take requests from people I both like and respect.

    Oh, and I don't do weddings or house parties, or bar/bat mitzvahs.


  12. I am even more deeply honored that you took my request, then, and it was truly fine to be in the audience...