Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Alaska, Baby!

By Cornelia

Off to Anchorage for Bouchercon today, yee ha!

And here are some Things Alaskan to get you in the mood:

1. Lyrics and melody for the traditional tune, "Precious Caribou":

2. Model of a Netsilik kayak (front and rear views):

3. Inuit "Amazing Grace"

4. Traditional shipping service for all those books you're going to buy:

5. Inuit rap video:

6. Banquet footwear for the fashion-forward:

7. A shaman's spell:

8. If anyone else remembers the Film Board of Canada film series about the Netsilik (part of the 1970s California Social Studies curriculum), "Every woman has an ulu..."

9. From one of those films... "At the Winter Sea Ice Camp"(these guys are seriously amazing--here building an igloo):

10. If you're not going to Alaska, I offer up this podcast of me and the inimitable Angie Johnson-Schmit, on her new weekly mystery roundup In For Questioning:
what I sound like in real life, kind of (except for the cordless phone static.)

Have a great week!!!


  1. And the weather forecast? Highs in the high 40s to low 50s, lows in the high 30s to low 40s, showers for the next week. When you enter Anchorage as the city, gives a "Get the beach forecast" option with a little palm tree, but clicking through gets you only a no information page.

  2. I'll be waiting for you in the bar!!!!

  3. Hope you have a great time, Cornelia! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  4. Dear Nanook,
    Have fun. Party hearty. And hardy.

    Talk books, too. But not too much.

  5. I not only have an ulu, i got two! Two ulu(s)? One is a working unit, bought here at Pike Place Market, one is a "presentation" ulu, with a jade handle (alaskan jade, yes really - cool what?) that has, incized on the blade, that it was given to me at LCC in 2001.
    GO to the jeweler, Killer Designs, if you go anywhere. She's right over at 434 K Street where i got the coolest piece of jewelry I own and want anoher in different colors.

  6. Good luck, Cornelia!

    Have a great trip.

    Jim B

  7. Kiss some Inuit for me!

  8. Not to mention Classic Alaskan* literature.

    *Or possibly Canadian. I'm not sure.

  9. Have a great time, Cornelia (and Patty) -- Ditto debbyj --- Want to hear all (perhaps I mean whatever you care to share) about B'con. After all the cows on the street in Madison last year, what does Anchorage have to offer ...moose?