Thursday, August 02, 2007

Good Books

One of the perks of being part of a bitchin’ blog like Naked Authors is that occasionally I can plug a good book written by a friend of mine. This blog is particularly timely as the book I’m plugging is released today.

Acts of Nature by Jonathon King is the fifth in the Max Freeman series and heads back into the wilds of the Everglades. Jon King is a friend of mine. That is not why I’m promoting the book. He is six foot six and a little scary. This also had little influence me. He is one of the most sincere and readable crime fiction writers around today. That is the reason for today’s blog. His descriptions of the vanishing Florida wilderness and believable characters make every one of his novels entertaining and thought-provoking.

Last year Jon released Eye of Vengeance, a stand alone novel that skewered his former job as a newspaper reporter. It also showed that a good writer can write compelling novels in any setting. I will be at Murder on the Beach mystery bookstore in Delray Beach tonight, August 2, for the opening of Acts of Nature. I have committed to bringing beer, spinach dip and chips. Should be a good party with a fun crowd. Signings at Murder on the Beach are usually interesting. We’ll see if we can cause enough trouble to make things a little wild while not attracting local police attention.


On the subject of good books, our own Cornelia racked up another nomination for Field of Darkness. The Anthony awards have listed Cornelia’s debut novel as one of the year’s best. Nice going, Cornwallis.


  1. Way to go, Cornbread! Rooting for you for the Anthony. If I'm not mistaken, our Agent Born was an Anthony nominee a year ago.

    Best, too to Jonothon (Marathon) King, who for some reason spells his own name wrong.

    Jim, have fun tonight in Delray Beach, the prettiest little town in Florida.

  2. Give my regards to Delray, Mr. Born, and thanks you guys for the nice congrats!

    xxxo Cornbreadwallis

  3. Yay again, Cone!! And knock em dead, James O, except not literally.