Thursday, June 28, 2007

A little Bit of Everything

I usually prepare my weekly post over the weekend then not worry about it the last few days before it goes up. I like to do that with any deadline. I can cram if I have to but I was taught “work first, play later.” I try to stick to it. This week was different. I went to the Marlins game Sunday, thinking I had an easy week ahead. I’m working on a novel proposal and kept on schedule to hand in the opening chapters to my agent the end of this week.

I put off the blog knowing I had an easy day today and then life jumped in. I ended up working until late Wednesday night. It happens and I kinda like the change. The night has a different beat to it than the day. It was a simple surveillance and arrest of an armed drug trafficker. He was stopped and taken into custody without incident. All was right except I had no blog written.

So here are some general remarks:

First, I was quite impressed by the shirtless photos of Paul from his younger days. It looked like Mr. Levine had time to work out as well as practice law and write novels. The mystery of Rene may now be solved.

Here is a photo of me from the sixties. It was the only shirtless one I could find.

I’d also like to give a hearty shout of congratulations to two nice guys who have their debut novels come out this week. In no order :

Brett Battles who hits the streets with The Cleaner.

And Jason Pinter offers The Mark.

I’m looking forward to both.

How's that for a little different post from me? No whinning about my weight, the problems of writing or the dangers of living in beautiful Florida. I have one blog coming up I'm excited about posting but it is not ready. It's a photo heavy essay on people who annoy me. Not just the usuals like co-workers or neighbors but people I have no reason to dislike. Famous people who should be beaten but aren't.


  1. I can't wait to read Brett's CLEANER, and have to say you're giving Paul a run for his money with that shirtless pic, Mr. B.

  2. Are you taking nominations for people who should be beaten but aren't?

    Because I got a list as long as my right arm.

    And I'm wondering just how far this whole shirtless thing is going to go.

  3. Are all the Naked Authors going shirtless? You're starting a trend that may not be too popular with the other members of your blog, Mr. Born.

    And David's right: are you taking nominations?

    You shouldn't tease us like this.

    But then again, you did post a picture of yourself shirtless.


  4. I almost stooped to posting a photo of my son at three. His photos and mine are indistinguishable except for mine are black and white and everyone has crewcuts.

    I’ll ask for nominations when I post.

  5. Dear Huck Finn,

    Love the photo.

    "It was a simple surveillance and arrest of an armed drug trafficker."

    Great sentence. Joe Wambaugh would be proud. George V. Higgins, too.

    Some day, give us a day-in-the-life blog when you're on surveillance.

    Follow-up on "Otto Penzler," the escaped Nazi POW in Elmore Leonard's "Up in Honey's Room." He runs off with a Jewish woman named Aviva Friedman and says he wants to open a mystery book store when the war is over.

  6. Burglars learned a long time ago not to carry a gun because the sentence, if caught, was so much worse. Now it's the drug dealers turn to learn.

    The armed trafficker is a charge more than anything else. It means he had a loaded gun and cocaine in the car. Now instead a few years, he'll be away until Florida is broken into two states.

    Who's this Huck Finn you mentioned, Paul?

  7. Jim, I accept the shirtless photo challenge. Stay tuned for my post on Monday. Also, I passed out our official NakedAuthors bookmarks at a library event on Tuesday. A woman in the audience was waaaaay too interested in seeing you...uh, naked. I told her if she bought my book I'd give her your cell phone number. That was okay. Right?

  8. Are you really doing Jason and I a service, pluggin' our books right under a shirtless photo of yourself? I wonder... ;)

    Thanks, Born! Look forward to seeing you in NYC for Tfest!