Wednesday, May 30, 2007


By Cornelia

Am down for the count today with some sort of noxious spring-summer stomach bug--the kind that makes the world seem odious and gloomy and a bit nasty smelling, to boot. Fearing that any real topic I blogged about today would come out pretty whiny, I think it is better to resort to sharing some of my favorite bits off Youtube, to wit, alternative movie trailers, recasting classics in genres not their own.

Just makes me think how much storytelling is a question of tone, not to mention mood-appropriate background music, rising in the wings.

And now back to bed with some Reed's extra ginger brew and an old dogeared copy of Nancy Mitford's The Pursuit of Love, from which my favorite quote of the morning is as follows:

I have seen too many children brought up without Nannies to think this is at all desirable. In Oxford, the wives of progressive dons did it often as a matter of principle; they would gradually become morons themselves, while the children looked like slum children and behaved like barbarians.
Which is rather how things feel in this household, so far today.

And now, it's time for our show....

Jaws, Schmaws--it's not the shark, it's the companionship:

This one has some profanity:

Moses, da playa:

Scary Poppins:

Sound of Scary Music:

When Harry "Met" Sally:

The Shining or Jack Nicholson, Father of the Year:

That Wacky Taxi Driver:

Toy Story:


  1. Love it. I just watched Jaws with my kids on Monday. Good timing.

    Jim Born

  2. Omigod! I just mixed up the sound and watched WHEN HARRY while listening to the words of JAWS.

    Take care of your little self, Ms. C.

  3. We need to talk -- I need an update on... "things."

    I'm being vague.

    This is not an accident.
    south coastal B

  4. I'm still trying to recover from Moses, da playa with Sam L. Jackson as Principal Firebush. How much spewed morning coffee can a keyboard really take?