Wednesday, February 28, 2007

To Be Continued....

By Cornelia

Mucho craziness on the home front today, so I'm going to post on Saturday, if all else goes well.

In the meantime, had a great great weekend at the South Carolina Book Festival this past weekend:

Left to right, back row: Jim Born, Me, Paula Millen (festival head extraordinaire), Paula Benson (goddess of all things), Debby Johnson (who will lead next years' Parade of Authors in fringed chaps and vest), Debby's fabulous spouse Jim Johnson. Seated: Mary Harris (who took care of us all and always knew where the Krispy Kremes were), and the effervescent Curtis Clark.

The photo is a bit blurry as I think the very nice waiter who took it had also sampled the margaritas that evening....

Film at 11.

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  1. I can't figure out if the blurriness makes us look dazed or just plain scary. Thanks Cornelia. The book festival was great fun for all of us too.