Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Unable to Be Deployed; Able to Be Deployed

President George ("Mission Accmplished") Bush is expected to announce tomorrow a "surge" in American forces in Iraq. Unfortunately, 2nd Lt. Emily Perez, (left) 23, of Ft. Washington, MD, will be unable to be deployed. The West Point grad died Sept. 27, 2006 in an explosion. First Daughter Barbara Bush, however is available.

Similarly, Hospital Corpsman Charles Sare, (lower left) 23, of Hemet, CA, is unavailable to mend the wounded. He was killed in combat operations October 26, 2006. On the other hand, Jenna Bush is raring to go.

Likewise, the Decider-in-Chief will cut a splendid figure in Baghdad.

By Paul


  1. from Jacqueline

    Bang on the money, Paul - a short post that didn't need to be any longer, it was so succinct. I have been waiting for those two mushy peas, the Bush girlets, to be drafted (yes, it will be a pointless wait). I will simply repeat the words I quoted following your last post, by Romain Rolland, written in September 1914:

    "I find war detestable, but even more detestable are those who praise war without participating in it."

    And as for this word, "surge" - what linguistic gymnastics will those speechwriters have to twist themselves through to avoid a word such as "escalation."

    Thank you, Paul - we need constant reminders of those who are dying in Iraq - military and civillian- along with the colossal toll of wounded, who form a sad and terrible reflection of this administration's hubris, now, and for a generation to come.

  2. Paul,


    Someone once said that 'The first casualty of war is Truth.' I for one am sick of being treated like I'm stupid by this Administration. I say let the members of the Senate and Congress send their children or grandchildren to Iraq first - and then see how fast peace breaks out.

    I choose neither Republican, Liberal or Democrat - I claim 'Responsible' as my category, since this country likes labels so much. I've served my time in the military, and so have three of my cousins - two of them in Iraq in this war. So I'm not talking out of my hat.

    Sorry, it's late, I'm ranting...


  3. Well said, Paul.

    Let's see what color of lipstick Bush can put on this pig tonight.