Friday, January 19, 2007

Our Very Own Cornelia - You Done Well, Girl! And Our Very Own Paul - What a Great Guy

from Jacqueline

I will not sully this morning’s post with other mindless subject, other fripperies rattling round in my un-nimble Friday brain. Instead, I will loiter upon the most exciting news of the day, nay, the year, if not the whole bloody decade:

First, Cornelia:

Our Cornelia, First among First Authors, soon to be a Second Author, has been nominated ... did you get that? Are you hearing me? NOMINATED (she said, shouting), for the Edgar Allen Poe Award For Best First Novel. This is, indeed, news that was – let’s face it – expected There would have been a major Naked Authors Inquiry had her illustrious name not graced the vital page of the MWA website. So, seeing as the comittee saw fit to see it the way it should have been seen, we do not have to reason why, we do not have to do or die, we just have to fill, and refill out glasses (I believe Black Velvet might be in order, if I may make so bold) and say:


And may I be the first to ask the question that will rest on many a lip, and may even be uttered countless times in the months ahead, as the star-studded event of thy mystery genre looms ever closer:

So, whaddaya gonna wear on the night?

If I were as dexterous as you, dear Cornelia, with the inner workings of this laptop, this is where I might add a photo of a crown. Let me say, Helen Mirren in her many queenly roles, has nothing on you.

Have a wonderful day, a wonderful week and here’s a tip – take a breath and remember every second of the next three months, for you are that rare bird, an Edgar Nominee and though you probably will be nominated many, many times in the future, you will never be nominated for your first novel again. You star, you.

If you will join me, people:

For Our Cornelia – Hip, Hip, Hoooooorayyyy!!!!!!!!

PS: And the good news is that, on the night, you don’t have to sit through all those speeches wanting to barf, because they present Best First Novel first. Now, next year, when you’re nominated for Best Novel – that’s the killer, last on the slate.

And Second, though not last ... PAU LEVINE, Our Very Own Paul, Nominated for The Edgar Allen Poe Award for Best Paperback Original for his stunning work: The Deep Blue Alibi.

Yes, those of you who got here fast know that I missed Paul on the first go-round, that was because I hadn't read further than Best First Novel in the email from MWA before I leapt to the computer to compose my post.

This news, Paul, is startling, amazing, and wholly expected,for if anyone should be up for an Edgar Award, it's you - well done. Now the question again - what will you be wearing? I hear Dolce and Gabbana is very big this year, or (seeing as I am not really up-to-date with such things) is it Armani? You always look so elegant, in any case, that I am sure you will wow the crowd - Daniel Craig, eat your heart out!

I should like to reflect here, what very good company we find ourselves in. Have you all really looked at that list of authorial accomplishments under Paul's name? (and James' for that matter). WOW! And the guy hangs out with us!

I am thrilled for you, Paul. You are a wonderful writer, as we all know even from the pages of our blog here - you richly deserve this accolade.

And once again, with a cocktail in your hand, if you don't mind, "For he's a jolly good fellow ... and so say all of us!"

Well done, mate - we'll be rooting for you on the night! Wish we could all be there with you, but will be thinking of you and sending good vibes your way.

PS: You may have to sit around a bit longer waiting for your slot, but at least you don't have Cornelia's barfing issues.


  1. Not surprised in the least...CONGRATULATIONS, MS. C!

    Little green bucket stands ready to accompany you to the podium...

  2. Jacqueline--

    Don't forget about about Paul's nom. Paul and I will have to do some mud wrestling for this one.

    Seriously, congrats to Cornelia and Paul. See you in NYC, if not earlier.

  3. I am THRILLED for both of you. So exciting and so well-deserved. This may actually compel me to dig out my best J.C. Penney formal to watch each of you walk the red carpet in NYC.

  4. Double hoorays are in order!

    I know that Ms. C is thinking about the gold cowboy boots for the affair.

    Paul, how do you look in gold cowboy boots?

    You already make a stunning couple of award nominees.

  5. This means open bar, right?

    I mean, congrats, too. That rocks.

    But open bar, right?
    focused B

  6. I am hugging the little green bucket RIGHT NOW!!

    Thank you so much, Our J... AND YAY PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (If it's not an open bar, Brett, I owe you many rounds...)

    *SNOOPY DANCE*!!!!!

  7. from Jacqueline

    Congratulations, Naomi.

    And to Cornelia and Paul - my mum reads the blog via her tv-based web access, but she is not able to post comments (be grateful for small mercies, my mum has a comment on everything!), anyway, she called from the UK to say "Congratulations to Cornelia and Paul" - see, she thinks you're like kin now.

  8. Woohoo! A twofer! Man, is this blog the place to be, or what?

  9. from Jacqueline

    Yes, this blog is definitely the place to be, and sometimes it's an "or what" too!

    This is all too coooooooolllllll.......

  10. Congratulations Cornelia and Paul!!! What a coup, coo! Dark and Stormy's all round!!

    Maybe we all need little green buckets as talismans.


  11. Yay, Cornelia! Yay, Paul!

    Doing the Snoopy dance here in Oakland.


  12. Oh, happy day.

    The Edgars this year had some of my favorite books and favorite people.

    What a treat.

  13. Thank you, one and all. As for Jacueline's question, my tux is the discount variety from Joseph A. Bank.

    Cornelia and I plan to hang out at the festivities together and attempt to uphold the reputation of Left Coasters for probity and sobriety. Ha.

  14. Better late than not at all -- congrats, Cornelia and Paul (now that I've read something from every naked one of you talented bloggers) -- But I'm a ahead in Mr. Grippando's titles, as could not resist "Got the Look" last week. Louise Ure, you talented Tucsonan -- I'm in your town now, and woke up to SNOW this morning -- It was 82 when I left West Palm Beach on Saturday at noon ---- yikes! Everybody keep on writing, I'll keep on urging readers I know to BUY your books, not borrow them!